How to Easily Make Google Sheets Button

Google Sheets offer many features which enhance their performance of them, adding buttons can improve their usability and engagement even more. Google Sheets experience may be made easier and more interactive by using buttons to automate operations, streamline procedures, and make data entry simpler.

Even if you have little to no programming experience, we will walk you through the entire process of making a Google Sheets button in this blog.

Why Use Buttons in Google Sheets?

Buttons are not just used to appeal to the users but also make their performance much more efficient. The major reasons for using the Buttons in Google Sheets are:

  • Enhancing user experience and interactivity: Using buttons adds a visual and interactive element that makes using your spreadsheet more simple and natural.
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity: You may automate repetitive operations like data calculations, formatting, or data manipulation by giving specified actions or scripts to buttons.
  • Facilitating data entry and manipulation: By offering established alternatives or filling cells with specific values, buttons can make data entry easier.
  • Improving accessibility and usability: Your spreadsheet will be easier to use for people if it has buttons rather than complicated formulas or coding.
  • Enabling automation through scripts: Google Sheet’s buttons can be connected to scripts developed in the JavaScript-based language Google Apps Script. This increases the opportunities for automation, personalization, and sophisticated functionality.

How to Make a Google Sheets Button?

Creating a button in the Google Sheets seems interesting and can be made by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the Google Sheet

First, use Google Sheets and then open the new spreadsheet with the name “Creation of Button”:

Make a Google Sheets Button1

Step 2: Access the “Drawing” Option

The next step is to click on “Insert” in the menu bar and then choose the “Drawing” option from the dropdown menu:

Make a Google Sheets Button2

Step 3: Draw the Shape of Button

Now, draw the shape of the button, for example, we choose the “Rounded Rectangle” from the Shapes:

Make a Google Sheets Button3

The button shape looks:

Make a Google Sheets Button4

Step 4: Customize the Button Appearance

To make the button looks appealing, customize the color of the border shape, fill it with different colors, and also insert some text:

Make a Google Sheets Button5

Click on the “Save and Close” to insert the button in the sheet:

Make a Google Sheets Button6

Step 5: Assign a Script to the Button

This is the major step for the creation of the button in Google Sheets. In this step, we will assign a script to the button which will define its functionality. For this, click on “Extensions” in the dropdown menu and choose “Apps Script”:

Make a Google Sheets Button7

Now we will type the simple script in the text editor which will clear the data of the sheet:

Make a Google Sheets Button8

The above script will clear the data from cells A1 to D10 when the button is pressed. The next step is to link this script with the button, and copy the function name which is clearData in our case:

Make a Google Sheets Button9

Then click the three dots of the button shape and click “Assign a script”:

Make a Google Sheets Button10

Type the name of the function and click on the “OK”:

Make a Google Sheets Button11

The script has been assigned to the button. 

Step 6: Test the Button in Google Sheet

To test the button, type some data in cells A1 and B1:

Make a Google Sheets Button11

Now press the button to clear the inserted data:

Make a Google Sheets Button12

The data has been cleared successfully which verifies the operation of the button in Google Sheets. 


To make a button in Google Sheets, click on “Insert” and choose “Drawing” to make the button shape. Then make a script in “Apps Script” and assign it to the button. This blog has explained the making of the button in Google Sheets with the easy steps which will be helpful for the new users of the Google Sheets as well.