How to Make a Long Dash in Google Docs?

Google Docs is a popular editor tool with assistance in creating and modifying documents. In certain situations, authors require a long dash “(–)” to join two sentences or provide extra information such as “Note”, “Tip”, and “Safety Measures”. The long dash is also known as em-dash (–) in Google Docs. For making a long dash in Google Docs, this post will explore and demonstrate the possible methods to make a long dash in Google Docs.

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Method 1: How to Make a Long Dash in Google Docs?

Google Docs provides three types of dashes, hyphen(-), en-dash(-), and em-dash (–). The hyphen joins two words, such as “pre-date”. The en-dash has a length equal to the letter “N” used as “245-567”, while the em-dash contains the “M ” length used joining two sentences. BY considering it, step by step procedure of em-dash (–) is explained below:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

An existing document is considered here to perform some modification regarding long dashes in Google Docs:

Step 2: Choose Special characters

To make the long dash in Google Docs, hit the “Special characters” that comes from the “Insert” window as shown below:

Step 3: Insert EM DASH character

Type the “dash” in the opened window and pick the “EM DASH” character as shown in below figure:

Step 4: Verify Long Dash

Users can confirm that long dash has been made in Google Docs:

Let’s learn the shortcut key method.

Method 2: How to Make a Long Dash through Shortcut Key?

In Google Docs, users can make the long dash by pressing the shortcut key “ALT+0151”. Additionally, hitting the “hyphen” key three times on the keyboard enables users to add a long dash in the document.  A “GIF” has been captured for making a long dash through the shortcut key as below:

Note: The shortcut key works using the numeric pad. This may not work properly using the normal keys.

Method 3: How to Make a Long Dash in Mobile Google Docs?

In mobile applications, Google Docs users can follow the same procedure of pressing the “hyphen” three-time from the keyboard to make a long dash. The below screenshot verifies that a long dash has been added to the current document:

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Making a long dash is possible by inserting the “em-dash” character and shortcut key “ALT+0151” in Google Docs. Furthermore, by pressing three times “hyphen” key, users can make a long dash in the document.  It is quite useful to pause between two sentences or phrases. This guide has all the essential methods for making a long dash in Google Docs.