How to Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets

Visualizing the hierarchical structure and relationships inside an organization is important supported by organizational charts. They are essential resources for efficient communication and decision-making because they give a clear overview of reporting lines, organizational divisions, and key responsibilities. Google Sheets stands out among the many possibilities as a user-friendly and collaborative tool that enables you to easily construct org charts in under 5 minutes.

This article will walk you through the process of making an organizational chart using Google Sheets step-by-step so that you can quickly create a hierarchical structure for your company.

What do Organisational Charts Look Like?

Organizational charts, often known as org charts or organograms, are diagrams that show how a company is structured. They provide a graphic representation of the hierarchical connections, reporting chains, and functional divisions inside a business or other institution.

Organizational charts give a short and clear understanding of how various positions, departments, and roles are connected to one another and arranged throughout the company. They represent the chain of command, showing who answers to whom and how power is distributed across the many positions of the organization.

Many organizations have switched from conventional paper-based org charts to digital representations as a result of the development of technology. Organizational charts can now be created, updated, and shared in real-time more easily than ever thanks to software tools and platforms like Google Sheets.

What Benefits Do Organisational Charts Offer?

The organizational charts help to increase the growth of the institutions as well as the employees and some of the significant benefits of the organizational charts are:

  • Visual Representation: Organisational charts offer a visual picture of the organizational structure, making it simpler to explain the relationships between hierarchies and lines of reporting.
  • Clear Communication: Organisational charts improve communication by highlighting the chain of command and reporting relationships inside the company.
  • Decision-Making Support: Organisational charts facilitate decision-making by giving a thorough understanding of the structure of the organization.
  • Succession Planning and Talent Management: Organisational charts offer helpful information for projects in talent management and succession planning. Organizations can find prospective successors for important jobs and create talent pipelines by visualizing the hierarchy and identifying important positions. This enables improved talent development and workforce planning.
  • Team Collaboration and Coordination: Organisational charts make it easier to collaborate and coordinate between departments and within teams.

How to Create an Org Chart in Google Sheets?

Follow the steps mentioned below for the creation of org charts in Google Sheets.. 

Step 1: Setting Up the Google Sheet

The first step is to open the Google Sheets and name it either “Org Chart” or any other name:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets1

Complete the data, for example, we insert the data of the employees and to whom they report in the tabular form:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets2

Step 2: Select the Data of the Employees

Now select the data whose relationship is supposed to show in the org chart form:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets3

Step 3: Insert the Chart

After selecting the data, click on “Insert” and then choose “Chart” from the dropdown menu:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets4

Step 4: Choose the Chart Type

From the “Chart editor”, choose the template of the “Organisational chart”:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets5

The org chart of the specified data has been inserted in the Google Sheet:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets6

Step 5: Customise the Org Chart (Optional)

This step is optional if you want to make the chart more appealing, click on the three dots on the top right of the chart, and then click on “Edit the chart”:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets7

Click on the “Customise” option:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets8

Change the “Size”, “Node color”, and the “Selected node color” to the specified requirement:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets9

After the changes the org chart will looks:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets10

How to Download the Org Chart in Google Sheets?

To download the org chart in Google Sheets, again click on the three dots in the top right corner of the chart:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets11

Then click on “Download” and choose the format in which you want to download the chart:

Make an Org Chart in Google Sheets12

This is the method that will take you five minutes and the org chart will be created. 


To make the org chart in Google Sheets in just five minutes, choose the entire data of the sheets. Click on the “Insert”, then “Chart”, and choose the “Organisational chart”. The org chart for the selected data has been entered in the Google Sheets. This blog has explained the step-by-step tutorial for creating the org chart in five minutes for the Google Sheets.