How to Make a PDF From Google Docs?

PDF is a portable file that is easily shareable with anyone around the globe. It ends with a .pdf extension. Once the PDF file is created, it can not be edited anymore, and the user can only view it. Besides that, Google Docs assist their audience in converting the .doc extension to a .pdf extension via a single click. This post explains the possible methods for making a PDF from Google Docs. To perform this task, an outline is explained below:

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How to Make a PDF From Google Docs?

The Google Docs can be converted into PDF from the Download option available in the “File” tab and the shortcut key “CTRL+P”. In this section, both methods are explained with a step-by-step demonstration.

Method 1: Using the “Download” Option

This method comprises various steps for making a PDF from Google Docs. Let’s start with the steps:

Step 1: Open Google Doc

Open your Google Doc from which the PDF file is to be generated:

Step 2: Download PDF

Move the mouse cursor to the “File” tab and hit it. Then, a drop-down will appear with multiple options. From this list, click on the “Download” option:

Select the “PDF document(.pdf)” from the submenu of “Download” to make a PDF:

Now, the current file is converted into a PDF file and downloaded automatically as shown below:

Method 2: Using the “Ctrl+P” Shortcut Key

The user can also make the PDF file from Google Docs using the “Print” facility. If the user is not connected to the printer, then invoking the print command will save the file as a PDF. Let’s see how it works:

Open the Google Docs document that you want to save as a PDF and then use the following shortcut key:


A “Print” window will open having options “Destination”, “Pages”, “Color” and “More settings”:

To make the current file “PDF” hover over the mouse on the “Destination” option. It generates a list having options(in our case) “AnyDesk Printer” and “Save as PDF”. Select the “Save as PDF” option:

Press the “Save” button to save the PDF file at the desired location of the directory:

Verify the desired file has been downloaded, which is located at the bottom of the window:

It is all about making a PDF file from Google Docs.

Bonus Tip: Using the “Save As” Option in Mobile App

The Google Docs mobile application also facilitates its users to make a PDF from Google Docs by using the “Save As” option. For this purpose following steps are illustrated:

Step 1: Open the menu

Click on the three dots “Kebab” menu shown at the top left of the existing document:

A drop-down list will pop up containing various options after clicking on the “Kebab” menu. Move to the “Share & export” option and press it:

Step 2: Make a PDF File

The “Share & export” dialogue box contains eight options. Choose the fifth “Save As” option that will be used to make a PDF from Google Docs:

After pressing on the“Save As” option a new list will pop up containing the different formats of the file. Save the current file as the “PDF document(.pdf)” by clicking on the option shown below:

Now, the current file is converted into a PDF file and downloaded to the mobile phone:

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To make a PDF from Google Docs, use the Download option in the “File” tab or the users can invoke the print shortcut key to save the file as a PDF. The same process can be done using the Google Docs mobile app. This guide has explained the essential methods to make a PDF from Google Docs.