How to Make a Questionnaire on Google Docs?

A questionnaire is a survey form for getting feedback from the users, such as events, food, management, etc. Google Docs provides built-in features to create the questionnaire by inserting checkboxes, table cells, and horizontal lines in the document. Apart from that, Google Forms can also be used to create the questionnaire. This write-up will cover both topics to make the questionnaire in Google Docs.

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Let’s start with this guide.

Method 1: How to Make a Customized Questionnaire on Google Docs?

In this method, the questionnaire will be created by manually typing in the Google Docs document. Open your document, type the questions you want to insert and some lines or checkboxes according to the need. Let’s check and perform this method:

Open the document, write the questions and add lines:

Add another question and add checklists from the toolbar:

Repeat the same process for all questions according to the need and make your questionnaire as shown in the below image:

Let’s explore the second method to make a questionnaire.

Method 2: How to Make a Questionnaire Using Google Forms?

Using Google Forms, users can create a questionnaire to get the information. There are two ways to make a questionnaire: a blank form or templates. Let’s discuss both of them:

Step 1: Create Blank Form

The first way to make a questionnaire is possible through “Blank form” from the “Google Forms” in Google Drive:

Step 2: Add Questions in Google Forms

It navigates to the new window of Google Forms. In this window, the user can add questions by pressing the “+” icon located at the top right of the window, as shown in below figure:

Users can customize the questionnaire according to their requirements.

Create Google Forms Form Templates (Optional)

Google Forms also provides built-in templates that can be accessed through the “From a template” option, as shown below figure:

Choose the Built-in Template: (Optional)

It navigates to the new window having several built-in templates of Google Forms. Choose the “Event Registration” template according to the requirements:

Customize the Questionnaire

It navigates to the built-in template of “Google Form”, on which the user can add more sections:

The entities in the above image are shown as:

  1. Add Question: used to add more questions in the survey form.
  2. Import Question: used to import questions from another survey form.
  3. Add Title: used to add the title of the question.
  4. Add an image: used to insert images in the survey questions.
  5. Add video: used to add the video to the question.
  6. Add section: used to add another section in the survey form.
  7. Required: used to add compulsory questions in the form.

That’s it from this guide.


In Google Docs, you can make a questionnaire using built-in features like “Add text box” and “Insert Checkboxes”. Additionally, the built-in templates of Google Forms enable users to create a customized questionnaire. These forms provide various options, such as inserting question sections, adding checkboxes, and multiple-choice questions. This article has illustrated all the possible methods to make a questionnaire in Google Docs.