How to Make Someone Admin on Discord Mobile?

Discord is the hub of communities specially designed for gamers but now its reach is expanded for locals as well. Servers are managed by the admins that overwatch all activities that happen. However, if the user doesn’t have enough time to control the server as an admin, create a second admin to hand over it.

In today’s post, we will discuss the method to make someone admin on the Discord mobile app.

How to Make Someone Server Admin on Discord Mobile?

To make someone a server’s admin on Discord mobile, create the “Admin” roles, give the necessary rights and assign them to the member. See the graphical demonstration in the given guidelines.

Step 1: Select Server

Launch the Discord application, go to the particular server, and click on the “Three dots” icon:

Step 2: Access Server Settings

From the pop-up, click on the “Gear” icon to access the server’s settings:

Step 3: Open Roles Settings

Next, visit the “Roles” settings of the server:

Step 4: Add Role

Click on the “+” icon and add the new role:

Step 5: Create Admin Role

Name the role as “Admin”, choose the color, and click on the “Create” button:

Step 6: Access Member List

Discord will suggest to you the basic permissions for the particular role which can be modified at any time. Pick the desired permissions and click on the “Select” button to access the member list:

Step 7: Choose a Member

Choose the particular member from the server to assign the “Admin” role and hit the “Finish” button:

This is how you can make someone admin on Discord mobile.


To make someone a server’s admin, access the “Server Settings” and create the “Admin” role in the “Roles” section. Grant the required permissions for the “Admin” role to manage and assign it to the particular user from the member list. This article has provided the procedure for making someone server admin on the Discord mobile app.