How to Make a Table in Google Docs

In Google Docs, tables are created to understand the complex or particularized structure of the topic. The tabular representation of the data enhances the readability and understandability of that data. In this Google Docs post, a detailed procedure is adopted for making a table in Google Docs.

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Let’s start this guide.

Make a Table in Google Docs

This section enlists a few steps with a visual representation for making a table in Google Docs.

Open your Google Docs and click on the “Insert” option from the top MenuBar:

Navigate to the“Table” option from the dropdown and create the table of your desired number of rows and columns:

In this particular scenario, the dimensions of the table are “2×2” (2 rows and 2 columns):

That’s it! The table is created. The user can change the height and width of the rows/columns as well.

Make a Table in Google Docs Mobile App

Google Docs support for Mobile Apps also allows making a table. Let’s discuss the method to add a table in the Google docs Mobile App.

Open the Google document file in the mobile application of Google Docs. Now, click on the “+” button from the top bar:

After that, move to the “Table” option from the below options:

Select the number of columns/rows and click on “Insert table”:

The table of the desired dimension will be created as shown below:

That’s it from this Google Docs guide.


In Google Docs, a table can be created by clicking on the “Table” option available in the “Insert” tab of the Menu Bar. A similar operation can also be executed on the mobile application of Google Docs. This post has demonstrated both methods to make a table on Google Docs, i.e., web and mobile support.