Moderation Discord Bots

A Discord “moderation” bot helps you manage your server by automating certain tasks related to moderation. Moderation bots are capable of setting rules and restrictions for users, monitoring the server for inappropriate behavior, and taking action if necessary. Moderation bots can help you organize your server and two of the most useful bots will be discussed below.

  1. Pancake Discord Bot
  2. Good Knight Discord Bot

Pancake Discord Bot

The “Pancake” is a multi-purpose bot designed for Discord that can also be used to perform moderation tasks for Discord server:

Features of Pancake Bot

The Pancake bot has several features that make it an excellent moderation bot. Some of these features include:

User Management: The Pancake bot can manage users on a Discord server by performing actions like banning, kicking, muting, and warning users. It can also track user activity, including messages sent and received.

Message Management: The Pancake bot can manage messages on a Discord server and can perform different actions such as deleting, editing, and censoring messages. It can also track message activity, including the number of messages sent by users.

Server Management: The Pancake bot can manage Discord servers by performing actions such as changing server settings, creating, and deleting channels, and setting server roles.

Role Management: The Pancake bot can manage roles by performing actions like creating and deleting roles, setting role permissions, and assigning roles to users.

Automod: The Pancake bot has an automod feature that can detect and block spam, links and use of inappropriate language.

Activity Logs: The Pancake bot has a logging feature that logs all actions performed by the bot to help server owners keep track of user activity and prevent any rule violations.

Good Knight Discord Bot

The “Good Knight” Discord bot specializes in moderation to help server owners manage their communities more effectively:

Features of Good Knight Bot

Some of the key features of Good Knight Discord bot are mentioned below.

Role Management: This bot will help you to create and manage roles for your server members by assigning specific roles to different members, such as moderators or administrators.

Logging: The Good Knight offers a logging feature that logs all server activities, including message edits, message deletions, and user actions such as kicking or banning. 

Muting and Kicking Users: This bot offers a feature that allows you to mute or kick users who violate the server’s rules. This feature helps you maintain a safe and healthy community by removing problematic users.

Message Deletion: It provides a message deletion feature that allows you to delete specific messages or all messages in a channel to keep your server channel organized.

Anti-Spamming: It also offers an anti-spamming feature that can detect repetitive messages and automatically delete them, keeping your server channels clean.

Blacklist Words: The Good Knight bot offers a blacklist word feature that allows you to specify words or phrases that are not allowed to be used in your server. 


Discord moderation bots are essential for keeping your server safe and organized. They can help you manage your server, enforce rules, and take action against disruptive behavior. Two of the best Discord bots have been discussed in this article to maintain a healthy server environment which are “Pancake” and “Good Knight”.