How to Move Channels on Discord Mobile

Discord is a social media app ideal for communication purposes for the gamers’ community. Discord allows its users to communicate via text messages or calls. Discord users can communicate either in direct messages or within channels. Channels are created in the servers according to the choice of users for family, friends, gaming, or business community. Categories are further set to organize channels for ease so that members can chat via messages or calls within channels easily. Discord allows its users to arrange the channels or categories according to their preferences. In this blog, we will show you how to move discord channels/categories.

How to Move Channels on Discord Mobile?

If you have more than one channel in Discord, and you want to sort it out alphabetically or in any other order that will be easy for the members to find, you can choose to reorder channels as per your own choice. Channels can be rearranged on desktop as well as mobile. To move channels on Discord mobile, follow the below-given step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Launch Discord App

Look for the Discord app on your mobile’s home screen and press on it to open the app:

Step 2: Open Server

Channels are created inside the server. So, open up the server of your choice in which you want to rearrange the channels and long press on the name of the server:

Step 3: Open Settings

From the popup window, click on the gear icon/settings to launch the settings:

Step 4: Select Channels

From the drop-down menu, click on Channels to see the list of channels within your server:

Step 5: Reorder Channels

Click on the Reorder from the top left of the window:

Choose the option from the menu of your choice. You can choose to reorder the text channels, voice channels as well as categories:

There are three categories in my server namely FAMILY, VOICE CHANNELS, AND TEXT CHANNELS, and they have text and voice channels within them. I chose the Text channels to rearrange, so the rest of the channels are hidden, and only text channels appeared in the list. Drag and drop the channels to the positions of your choice. You can even choose to change the categories of the channels, or only change the order of the channels within the same category:

After reordering the channels click on Done to save the changes:

How to Move/Reorder Categories on Discord Mobile?

If you choose Category from the menu, you will be able to reorder the categories among the server. Long press the name of the category, then drag and drop the category to the position you want it to be placed: 

Tap on Done after reordering to save the settings:

How to Move Channels on Discord Desktop?

You can move channels according to your choice on Discord desktop too. Here is a step-by-step guide to moving channels on the Discord desktop:

Step 1: Open Discord

Press Win+S from your keyboard to launch the start menu and type Discord. Click on Open to open the Discord app:

Step 2: Open Server

Open the server from the left side of the home screen and view the list of channels:

Step 3: Move Channels

Channels are present under the category. You can choose to either move text and voice channels within the same category or relocate them under a different category. Click on the name of the channel, then drag and drop it to a different location according to your priority. If you are changing the category of the channel, click on Sync Permissions to set the same permissions for this channel as that of the category in which it is placed:

How to Move Category in Discord Desktop?

The Category is used to organize the channels of the servers. It helps to manage the permissions for multiple channels in a category by just setting up the category permissions, and syncing it for all the channels. You can choose to move the category in the Discord desktop by drag and drop the category.

Click on the category and then drag and drop it to the new position to rearrange it as per your choice, as shown in the GIF below:

This is how you can move or re-arrange channels on Discord.


To move channels on Discord mobile, open the server. Long press on the name of the server to launch the settings. Click on channels and then reorder. Pick the text or voice channel option to reorder. Drag and drop the channel by selecting it to the new position. If you are changing the position of channels within different categories, then select sync permissions to synchronize the channel permissions with the category permissions. You can also choose to reorder the categories within the server. The reordering of channels on the desktop is also possible with only a few taps. Open the server, click on the channel, and assign it a new position by dragging and dropping it.