Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu: Is Pop!_OS better than Ubuntu?

Pop!_OS and Ubuntu are two widely used Linux distributions known for their user-friendliness and stability, but they have some key differences. Debian is the parent of Ubuntu, while the Pop!_OS refers to the Ubuntu-based family of Linux, such as Linux Mint.

This article will compare Pop!_OS and Ubuntu, highlighting their features and capabilities. 

Custom GNOME Desktop Environment:

POP! OSUbuntu
Pop!_OS uses a custom version of the GNOME desktop environment designed to be simple, sleek, and modern. The desktop environment has a clean and minimalistic layout, with easy access to frequently used applications and settings.Ubuntu’s GNOME environment offers more features and customization options, but it may not have the same clean and minimalistic design as Pop!_OS. Ubuntu also includes Unity which is no longer supported or developed by Canonical.

Built-in System Management Tool and System Monitor

POP! OSUbuntu
Pop!_OS includes a built-in system management tool for easy system management and monitoring. It offers features for updates, settings, performance monitoring, and real-time information about system usage.Ubuntu has a built-in system management tool called “Ubuntu Software” for software installation, removal, and updates. However, it may not have the same customization and system monitoring level as Pop!_OS.

Optimized for Power Efficiency

POP! OSUbuntu
Pop!_is optimized for power efficiency, which helps extend laptop battery life. Users who often use their laptops on the move or in locations with few power outlets may find this functionality very helpful.Ubuntu focuses on being a user-friendly and customizable operating system with many features. But you can always tweak it and optimize the settings for power efficiency.

Built-in Developer Tools

POP! OSUbuntu
Pop!_OS comes with a built-in terminal, Git, GCC, and other developer tools. This makes Pop!_OS a great choice for developers who want a Linux distro optimized for coding and development.These features are not available in Ubuntu by default, and developers must install the tools separately. it can be customized to support development, is a more general-purpose distribution, and may not be as optimized for development as Pop!_OS.

Optimized for Gaming

POP! OSUbuntu
Pop!_OS is optimized for gaming performance and experience. The latest version of the Mesa graphics stack, Steam client, and Lutris are included to give users the best gaming experience.Ubuntu and Pop!_OS both support gaming, but Pop!_OS is specifically optimized for gaming with features like a gaming kernel and GPU overclocking. Ubuntu includes popular gaming platforms but may not have the same optimization level.

Privacy and Security:

POP! OSUbuntu
Pop!_OS prioritizes privacy and security by disabling tracking and telemetry by default and offering full-disk encryption options. It’s a good choice for users who value protecting their personal data.Pop!_OS and Ubuntu both prioritize security and privacy, but Pop!_OS has more advanced features enabled by default. Ubuntu offers more software compatibility and a larger user community, but Pop!_OS is more customizable and secure out of the box.

Large Community:

POP! OSUbuntu
Pop!_OS has a growing community of users and support which makes it easy for users to find help and resources online.Ubuntu offers a large and active community of users and support which indicates that there is a vast number of resources and solutions available for Ubuntu compared to Pop! OS.

Is Pop!_OS better Than Ubuntu?

Pop!_OS and Ubuntu are both highly regarded Linux operating systems known for their user-friendliness and stability. They provide various functions and abilities, but due to several important distinctions, they are better suited for various user types. 

Pop!_OS | A Better Option For Personal Security and Privacy 

Pop!_OS is known for its customization options and emphasis on security and privacy. It has advanced features enabled by default, such as automatic updates, full-disk encryption, and the disabling of tracking and telemetry. It is thus the best option for users who place a high value on the security and privacy of their personal data.

Ubuntu | Better Option For Software Compatibility and Community Support 

On the other hand, Ubuntu is known for its software compatibility and large user community. It also has a large user community, meaning that a wealth of knowledge and support is available. This makes it a great choice for users who prioritize software compatibility and a larger user community.


Both Ubuntu and Pop! OS are well-known Linux operating systems that provide many features and functionalities. Pop!_OS is known for its customization options and security and privacy features, while Ubuntu is known for its software compatibility and large user community. The decision between the two operating systems will ultimately be based on personal tastes and needs. Before making a choice, weighing each operating system’s advantages and disadvantages is crucial.