How to Record Discord Calls on iPhone

The record calls option to record Discord calls is a useful feature to investigate whether users want to keep important talks for later use, record discussions for professional purposes, or simply capture special moments with friends.

Despite the fact that Discord has native call recording features on several platforms, including desktop, the same functionality is sadly not widely accessible on iPhones. But don’t worry! 

This blog will walk you through the method of using bots to record Discord calls on your iPhone.

How do I record calls on Discord on my iPhone?

To record Discord calls using the iPhone, we can add the recording bot. One of the well-known recording bots is “Craig” which is used to record messages on iPhone. To add the “Craig” Bot and use it to record messages on iPhone on Discord, follow the instructions provided below. 

Step 1: Invite the Craig Bot on Discord

First, open the official website of Discord and add the Craig bot to Discord by clicking the mentioned option in the figure below: 

Step 2: Grant the Access to the Requested Permissions

When the  “Craig” bot is added, it will ask for the server’s name to which it is supposed to add it. Choose the server to add Craig bot on Discord. Next, hit the “Continue” button:

Grant the permissions requested by the “Craig” bot by selecting the “Authorise” option:

It will confirm that the user is a Human by providing the captcha:

When it is confirmed, the “Craig” bot will be successfully added to the Discord:

Step 3: Verification of the Craig Bot in Discord

To verify the successful addition of the Craig bot in Discord, open the Discord application on your iPhone. Then, choose the server to which the bot is added:

The Craig Bot is displayed in the Online list of friends: 

Step 4: Use the Bot to Record the Messages

To use the Craig bot for recording messages, go to the chat:

Then, execute the command of Craig to start the recording. Specified the Channel name in which the recording is supposed to do:

/join [channel;] #[choose the channel]

Click on the arrow button to execute the command. As soon as the command is executed, the recording will start:

The recording is being started and recording all the messages. 

Step 5: Stop the Recording in Discord

When the recording is finished, use the stop button to end it and save it:

The recording is stopped and also saved. 

Step 6: Download the Recording 

Now, users can download the recording, delete the recording, and also access the recording panel: 

If users click on the “Download” then it will provide them the link to download:

The recording has successfully been downloaded in Discord on iPhone.


To record Discord Calls on an iPhone, the Craig bot can be added and used. To start recording, execute the “/join [channel;] #[choose the channel]” command. Recording calls on Discord enables users to document important discussions. Discord does not come with a built-in functionality for recording iPhone calls. We have illustrated the method to record calls on iPhone.