How to Recover Deleted Files in Google Docs?

Google Docs is a web application that has features more or less like “Microsoft Word”. For these features, users can create documents for storing important information in text, table as well as image format. Besides that, in certain situations, users have faced some problems by deleting files unintentionally. Considering this problem, this post demonstrates a method to recover deleted files in Google Docs.

How to Recover the Deleted Files in Google Docs?

To practically implement the problem mentioned above, an existing “Google Doc” is considered. The file is named “Insert shapes”, and its content is shown below:

Select the “Move to trash” option to delete the existing document by pressing the “Insert” tab located in the menu bar of Google Docs:

After pressing the button, a pop-up window confirms the file “Insert shapes” has been deleted. Furthermore, users have two options “Take out of trash” and “Go to Docs home screen”. In this scenario, choose the “Go to Docs home screen”:

It navigates to the “Google Docs” window. Afterward, select the “Drive” button in the left corner of the list:

By hitting the button, the “Drive” window is opened. Now users can find the recovered deleted files by hitting the “Trash” button as presented in the below screenshot:

Finally, the user finds out the deleted file “Insert shapes” (it can be verified in the below figure):

Press the right button of the mouse on the specified file (Insert shapes) and choose the “Restore” option in the dropdown list:

Hence, the deleted file is recovered that can be accessed through the “Show File Location” button:

After pressing the “Show File Location” button and opening it. The user has successfully recovered the deleted file in Google Docs:

That it! You have learned a method for recovering the deleted file in Google Docs.


The deleted files of Google Docs are recovered by selecting the “Restore” option in the “Trash” window. It can be accessed through the “Drive” button on the home screen of Google Docs. The feature is very useful for emergency purposes when a user unintentionally deletes the file. This article has demonstrated the practical implementation of recovering a deleted Google Doc file.