REGEXMATCH Function Google Sheets Guide

Utilizing the power of spreadsheets is important for efficient organization and analysis in today’s digital world. Google Sheets stands out among the huge selection of tools as a popular choice. The REGEXMATCH tool, which enables users to carry out complex pattern matching and text manipulation, is one of its most robust formulas.

This guide will teach you how to use REGEXMATCH in Google Sheets to match the text by simply applying the formula.

What does Google Sheets’ REGEXMATCH function do?

Users can carry out pattern matching inside cell values using Google Sheet’s well-known REGEXMATCH function. Regex, or regular expressions, are sets of characters that specify search patterns.

There are many different pattern-matching options supported by REGEXMATCH. It enables users to look for particular letters, patterns, or even entire sequences inside cell values. It is especially useful when working with unstructured or semi-structured data that has matching criteria.

Users can filter and extract data based on specified patterns, perform data validation, and manipulate text strings in Google Sheets more precisely by using REGEXMATCH.

What is the General Syntax of Using the REGEXMATCH in Google Sheets?

The formula of REGEXMATCH can be used by following the syntax:

=REGEXMATCH(text, regular_expression)


  • The “regular_expression” specifies the pattern to match against
  • The “text” defines the cell or text string that is supposed to be a match

Two inputs are required for the REGEXMATCH function: a regular expression pattern and a text value to search within. Either TRUE or FALSE indicating whether the pattern matches any portion of the text is returned if it does.

How Do I Use Google Sheets’ “REGEXMATCH” Function?

To use the “REGEXMATCH” function in Google Sheets, open the Google Sheets in which the function is supposed to be applied. Then select the cell where the formula is supposed to apply and use the above general syntax of using the “REGEXMATCH” function. The result will either be TRUE or FALSE depending on the input. 

To understand the usage of the “REGEXMATCH” function, we will consider a Google Sheet of “Grocery Details” by opening it:

Now we will find out whether the cell “B2” contains the word “Sugar” by using the REGEXMATCH function:

=REGEXMATCH(B2, “Sugar”)

Press the ENTER key to display the results of the REGEXMATCH function:

The result “TRUE” means that cell B2 contains the text string which is exactly matched to “Sugar”. Now we will find whether the text string of cell B2 starts with the small alphabetic letter by using the function:

=REGEXMATCH(B2, "^[a-z]")

To display the results, press the ENTER key:

The “FALSE” results show that the text string of B2 does not start with small alphabets. 


To use the REGEXMATCH function in Google Sheets, open the Google Sheets, select the cell, and use the REGEXMATCH function by following its general syntax. This post has explained the REGEXMATC function in Google Sheets with its general syntax. Also, it demonstrated its usage with some examples for a good understanding of the readers.