How To Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets (3 Easy Ways)

Maintaining accuracy and getting rid of duplicates is essential for successful data analysis, whether you are working with sales data, survey results, or inventory lists. Duplicates can waste your valuable time, and make your spreadsheet confusing.

Fortunately, Google Sheets provides a number of simple techniques to eliminate duplicates and guarantee your data stays clear and structured. We will look at three quick strategies to eliminate duplicates in Google Sheets in this article. 

How to Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets?

There are three most convenient ways to get rid of duplicates in Google Sheets which are:

  1. Using the Remove Duplicate Tools
  2. Using the Formulas
  3. Using the Add-ons and Extensions

All the methods mentioned above for removing duplicates in Google Sheets are explained with the help of examples. 

Method 1: Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets Using the Remove Duplicate Tools

Google Sheets has a built-in tool known as “Remove Duplicate” for the removal of duplicate entries. To use this tool, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Select the Data

First, select the data of the sheet from which you want to remove the duplicate entries:

Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

Step 2: Access the “Remove Duplicate” Tool

The next step is to access the “Remove Duplicate” tool which can be accessed by clicking on the “Data” in the menu bar. Then choose “Data clean-up” from the dropdown menu and finally choose “Remove duplicates” from the next dropdown menu:

Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets1

Step 3: Select the Columns to Remove Duplicates

A new dialog box appears, Mark the columns from which the removal of the entries is supposed to do and then click on “Remove duplicates”:

Once you click on the “Remove duplicates”, the duplicate entries will be removed from the selected data:

Now the data will not contain any duplicate entries:

Method 2: Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets Using the Formulas

Another method of removing duplicate entries from Google Sheets is by using the UNIQUE function. We can use the UNIQUE function to find out the unique values of the selected data, for example, we use the UNIQUE function to separate the unique data:


Press the ENTER key to display the results:

Now delete the previous data and use this newly extracted data from the table with no duplicate entries. 

Method 3: Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets Using the Add-ons and Extensions

There are a lot of extensions that can be installed on Google Sheets to remove duplicates. The recommended Adds-on is “Power Tools” because it is free and provides you with many other useful features as well. Follow the steps mentioned below to use the Power Tools extension.

Step 1: Install the Power Tools Extension

First click on the “Extensions”, then “Adds-on” and then “Get add-ons” to search the “Power Tools” extension:

Now search the “Power Tools” extension by typing its name in the search bar:

Install the extension by clicking on it. 

Step 2: Select the Data to Remove Duplicate Entries

Now select the data from which the duplicate entries are supposed to remove:

Step 3: Access the Power Tools Extension

Again click on “Extensions”, then choose “Power Tools” and lastly on “Start”:

Click on the “Dedupe & Compare” option in the menu of Power Tools:

Now click on the “Remove duplicate rows” to get rid of the duplicate entries:

The duplicate entries have been deleted from the selected data:

These are the three simple ways to get rid of the duplicate entries. 


To remove the duplicates in Google Sheets, one can use the built-in feature of “Remove Duplicate”, use the “Unique Function”, or download an extension such as “Power Tools”. In this post, all the above-mentioned three methods are explained in detail with a demonstration of the example.