How to Remove NodeJS From Ubuntu?

NodeJS is a free runtime environment based on JavaScript which compiles and executes the script of JavaScript outside of the browser. Sometimes, users need to remove NodeJS from Ubuntu to free up disk space, install a different version of NodeJS, or troubleshoot issues related to Node.js.

This article will illustrate all possible methods to remove NodeJS from Ubuntu:

Method 1: Remove NodeJS | Installed From APT

One of the common methods to uninstall/remove any package if it is installed using the APT package manager. Follow the below-mentioned procedure to remove the NodeJS package with all dependencies and configuration files:

Remove NodeJS Package

To remove the Node.js package through the apt package manager, use the “remove” command. For instance, specify the “nodejs” package with the “sudo” privileges:

$ sudo apt remove nodejs

It removes the NodeJS package from the Ubuntu system.

Remove All Configuration Files 

To remove all configuration files, use the “purge” utility by specifying the package name, i.e., nodejs:

$ sudo apt purge nodejs

The output shows that the “nodejs” package along with all configuration files have been removed.

Remove All Dependencies

To remove all dependencies of the specified package, use the “autoremove” option. For instance, specify the “nodejs” package name with the “sudo” privileges: 

$ sudo apt autoremove nodejs

The output represents that all the dependent files have been removed from the system.

Method 2: Remove NodeJS Directory | NodeJS Installed From Source 

If the NodeJS is installed from the source code then it can be removed by following this method. In this method, users manually remove the “node” directory after locating the complete directory. For this, the “which” command is utilized by specifying the “node” directory in the below command:

$ which node

The above command provides the complete “/usr/bin/node” path.

After locating the path, use the “rm” command to remove the complete directory by specifying the “/usr/bin/node” path:

$ sudo rm /usr/bin/node

The output shows that the “node” directory has been removed successfully.


To remove NodeJS from Ubuntu, use the APT package manager and source directory. In the APT package manager, users can utilize the “remove”, “purge” and “autoremove” to remove packages along with all dependent and configuration files. In addition, the “rm” command is beneficial to remove the “node” directory manually.

This article has covered all possible methods to remove NodeJS from Ubuntu.