How do you Reset Margins in Google Docs?

Google Docs has enriched features that allow users to modify documents via an online editor. During modification, margins play a crucial role to enhance the presentation of the document. But in certain situations, margin values are already set in the existing document. Therefore, it is necessary for resetting margins in Google Docs. For this purpose, this article demonstrates two methods to reset margin values in Google Docs.

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Method 1: Using the Page Setup to Reset Margins in Google Docs

A method is adapted to make an interactive look of an existing document.  The objective of this method is to reset the margins in existing Google Docs. The procedure is explained below to reset the margins in Google Docs.

Choose the option “Page Setup” in the “File” tab of the Menu bar.

After selecting the “Page setup” option, it navigates to a new window for adjusting margin values. In this new pop-up window, set the margin “1 inch” from the right, left, top, and bottom sides as the default values.

Select the “Set as default” button that ensures page margins are applicable to the whole document of Google Docs. After that, press the “OK” button to save changes in Google Docs.

Note: One can set the margin to “1 inch” for each side manually as it is “1 inch” by default.

Method 2: Adjust Ruler for Resetting Margins in Google Docs

A ruler is an adjustable tool to reset margins in Google Docs. Users can adjust the margin by holding a ruler icon and moving it left or right according to their needs. After the margin is adjusted, it is applied to all document pages. The below screenshots illustrates the practical implementation for resetting margins in an existing Google Doc:

Select the “Show ruler” option from the “View” tab of the Menu bar and check whether the ruler icon is displayed or not in the current document.

After displaying the ruler in the existing document, the ruler icon is initially set at the “0.50” value.

Furthermore, select the text of the whole document and adjust the ruler icon at the “0.00” value which is the default value of starting left margin.

Done it! Users have experienced methods for resetting margins in Google Docs.


Google Docs provides the “Page Setup” option and “Ruler icon” to reset margins in Google Docs. The “Page Setup” option comes from the “File” tab of the Menu bar on which the “Reset” to default option can reset the margins. Moreover, the users can set the margin value to “1 inch” (default value) as well. While the “Ruler icon” allows users to reset the margin values by dragging the icon toward the left or right based on their needs. Hence, this article explains all possible methods for resetting margins in Google Docs.