How to Run .bin Files in Linux?

The “.bin” files represent the “Binary files” in Linux. These files contain information like videos, images, metadata, and compiled files in a coded text format. Generally, these files do not have the permissions required for execution purposes. For running these files, Linux offers the “chmod” command to make them executable. Additionally, it can also be done by changing its permissions using GUI.

This post illustrates the possible ways to run Linux’s “.bin” files. The content of this post is specified below:

Let’s start discussing the methods to run .bin files in Linux.

Method 1: How to Run .bin Files in Linux via CLI?

Linux is a well-known operating system due to its productive commands. These commands perform different operations and functionalities. The whole system can be quickly accessed and managed by these commands. This section provides step-by-step instructions to run .bin files in Linux using the command line interface.

Step 1: Change the .bin File Permissions

First, change the permissions of the specific “.bin” file using the “chmod” command. Type the below “chmod” command in the terminal for making the “sample.bin” executable:

$ chmod +x sample.bin

Step 2: Run the .bin Files

After changing the permissions of the above “.bin” file, execute the below command to start the installation and run the “.bin” file:

$ ./sample.bin

The result displays the output of the “sample.bin” file which is “This is the sample binary file.

Method 2: How to Run .bin Files in Linux via GUI?

The user can also run the “.bin” file with the help of the graphical user interface. Follow the steps below to run the .bin file visa GUI

Step 1: Open the “.bin” file Properties

Open the directory where the desired “.bin” file is saved or downloaded. In our case, the file named “Lato-Regular.bin” is available in the “Downloads” directory:

Right-click on the file and choose the “Properties” option from the dropdown list:

 The “Lato-Regular.bin Properties” window will be opened:

Step 2: Change the “.bin” File Permissions

Hit the “Permission” icon located in the menu bar of the “properties” window. Tick the highlighted checkbox “Allow executing file as a program”:

Step 3: Execute the “.bin” file

Now, double-click on the “.bin” file and install it:

That’s how bin files can be run on Linux.


The “.bin” files can be run by changing the permissions via the  “chmod” Linux command and making them executable. Furthermore, it can also be done using the “Permissions” option available in the  “Properties” window via GUI. Both methods are beneficial for performing this task. This guide has explained both the Command line and graphical user interface method to run the “.bin” files in Linux.