How to Save a Google Doc as a Word File?

Google Docs is an online editor tool that has similar features compared with Microsoft Word, such as bold text, changing font size, indenting paragraphs, etc. However, word has an additional feature to save its users’ work during offline work. Considering the importance of Microsoft Word, this article demonstrates numerous methods to save a Google Doc as a Word file. The content that is discussed in this post is as follows:

Let’s start with the first method!

Method 1: Saving a Single Google Doc as a Word File

A method is considered that comprises some steps for saving the Google Doc as a Word file. An existing document is considered to do this practically:

Select the “File” tab from the menu bar and hit the “Download” button. After pressing the button, choose the “Microsoft Word (.docx)” option from the dropdown list:

Soon after that, the Google Doc file will be downloaded as a Word file:

By clicking the file, it navigates to the “Download” folder where the file is downloaded:

Let’s explore the second method!

Method 2: Saving Multiple Google Docs as Word Files

Another method is adapted to save multiple Google docs as Word files. For this purpose, first access the “Drive” folder and then select the multiple files by holding the “CTRL” key and the left mouse button:

Afterward, press the right button of the mouse to generate a pop-up window with different options. Select the “Download” option to download these Google Docs as Word files:

The selected files will be downloaded into the default “Downloads” directory as shown below:

That’s it! You have learned two methods for saving a Google Doc as a Word file.


For saving a Google Doc as a Word file, pick the “Microsoft Word (.docx)” option from the “Download. The button comes out when you press the “File” tab on the menu bar. Moreover, users can also save multiple Google Docs files as Word files. In this post, we have demonstrated multiple methods to save Google Docs as a Word file.