How to Save Google Docs on Desktop?

Google Docs is a famous open-source editor tool that works as an alternative to Microsoft Word. While working on it, you may require the Google Docs on your local storage to keep a backup, or to vacate some storage, etc. To do so, Google Docs offers the facility to download that file in the desired format. This Google Docs will demonstrate the method to save Google Docs on the Desktop of your system. The content of this post is as follows:

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How to Save a Google Doc on Desktop?

Saving a Google Doc on the desktop is a crucial thing to store it in the hard drive and perform modifications. The step-by-step instructions are illustrated for achieving this task:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

An existing document here has some content in it, visualized in the below figure. This document will be saved on the Desktop:

Step 2: Save Google Docs

To save the current document, hit the “Download” option present in the dropdown list that comes from the “File tab:

Note: By pressing it, you can choose formats including “Microsoft Word(.docx)”, “OpenDocument Format(.odt)”, “PDF Document (.pdf)” and many more.

Step 3: Choose Document Format

In this case, the “Microsoft Word (.docx)” format is selected:

Step 4: Verify Saved Document

It navigates to the “Downloads” folder, which can be visualized below:

Now, you need to save the document on Desktop by moving the file to the “Desktop” folder as below:

It is all about the procedure for saving Google Docs on the Desktop system.

How to Save Multiple Google Docs Files on a Desktop?

You can also save multiple Google Docs files on your system’s Desktop. To do so, you need to open your Google Drive and select multiple Google Docs files. Then, hit the “three dots” icon and choose the “Download” option that stores the selected files in a zip folder. The process can be visualized in the following “GIF”:

The downloaded zip file will be placed in your default Downloads directory. From there, you need to move those to the Desktop directory:

Drag the zip folder to the “Desktop” directory highlighted above to accomplish the task.

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To save Google Docs on a Desktop, hit the “Download” option from the “File” tab of an existing document. After pressing the option, the user can select any specified format such as “Microsoft Word(.docx)”, “OpenDocument Format(.odt)”, or “PDF Document (.pdf)”, etc. Additionally, multiple files can be downloaded from the Drive by clicking the “Download” option. This guide has covered step-by-step instructions to save Google Docs on a desktop.