How do I Send Hyperlinks on Discord?

Discord is a well-known communication platform that is still continuously gaining popularity due to its user-friendly interface and variety of useful features. One such feature is to send the hyperlinks to any user in private or in any server but not all users are aware of it.

A comprehensive guide will be provided in this guide on how can someone send hyperlinks on Discord using the below outline.

  1. Method 1: Send Hyperlink Directly From a Browser
  2. Method 2: Send Hyperlink Using a Link Shortener
  3. Method 3: Sending Hyperlinks on Discord Using Webhooks

Method 1: Sending Hyperlinks Directly from a Browser

One of the easiest and most straightforward methods to send hyperlinks in Discord is by copying a desired URL from a web browser: 

Send Hyperlinks on Discord

Next, a user can send it directly to a friend in a private message as well as in any server by pasting the link:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord1

Method 2: Sending Hyperlinks Using a Link Shortener

Link shorteners not only used to shorten lengthy URLs but they can also change the URL text so that no one can be able to understand it without opening it. This can be possible by first opening the “TinyURL” official website and then pasting the link that a user wants to shorten. Next, click on the “Shorten URL” button:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord2

After that, a new URL will be generated that can be copied under the “TinyURL” field:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord3

Once a URL is copied, then a user can paste it anywhere in the private message as well on any server.

Method 3: Sending Hyperlinks on Discord Using Webhooks

A user can send hyperlinks using a webhook which is a feature offered by the Discord application and can be implemented using the below steps.

Step1: Select Server Settings

First, navigate to the server where a user wants to send the hyperlink:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord4

In that server, a drop-down menu will appear on the right side of the server name at the top and from there choose the “Server Settings” option:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord5

Step 2: Create a Webhook

Next, go to the “Integration” tab and then click on the “Create Webhook” button that appears on the right side:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord6

A random name will be generated which can be changed and this name will be responsible for sending the hyperlink. Next, choose the channel name where the hyperlink needs to be sent and then press the “Copy Webhook URL” button and proceed to the next step:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord7

Step 3: Paste the Webhook URL

To paste the webhook URL, first, open this link which is basically an embed generator, and then click on the “Open App” button:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord8

Next, paste the URL under “WEBHOOK URL” and based on that “MESSAGE ID” will automatically be generated. Also, any content that needs to be displayed along with the URL can also be written inside the “CONTENT” box:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord9

Step 4: Create a New Embed

Now, scroll down and select the “Embeds” option and click on the “Add Ember” button to create it:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord10

Step 5: Paste the Hyperlink

Inside the “Description” box, paste the hyperlink that needs to display on the server channel that was previously selected: 

Send Hyperlinks on Discord11

Step 6: Click on Send Message

This will successfully create the embed and the last step is to click on the “Send Message” which is below the “WEBHOOK URL”:

Send Hyperlinks on Discord12

This will send a message to the relevant server that was chosen earlier with the provided URL: 

Send Hyperlinks on Discord13


Discord provides multiple methods for sending hyperlinks, allowing users to share websites, and inviting others to servers. A user can send hyperlinks directly by copying them from any website or using a third-party tool like TinyURL. This tool will not only shorten lengthy URLs but also change their text to hide their information completely. This blog has provided the methods to send hyperlinks on Discord.