How to Set the Custom Role Icons?

Discord is an application that enables the user to create their own communities or servers for communication. For running the Discord server effectively, the “Roles” are essential. In Discord, the Roles are referred to as a defined set of permissions that is assigned to a specific server member. To uniquely identify the server roles, the user can embed the interesting icons as custom roles icons. Adding the custom icons, make it easier to distinguish between role rankings.

This post will cover the method to set the custom role icons in Discord.

  1. What are Custom Role Icons?
  2. How to Set the Custom Role Icons?

What are Custom Role Icons?

The roles icons are basically the representation of each role displayed along with the member’s name. Users can use the custom role icons only by Nitro subscription. Moreover, these are only available for the level 2 boosting server. Here’s the feature of each boosting level in the servers which is done by teammates.

LevelsBoosting Feature
Level 12 Server Boost
Level 2 7 Server Boost
Level 314 Server Boost

How to Set the Custom Role Icons?

To set the custom role icon in Discord, stay connected with the following guidelines.

Step 1: Select Server 

First, launch Discord, select the particular server from the list, and click on the server name:

Set the Custom Role Iconsz

Step 2: Access Server Settings

A drop-down will be opened for more options and click on “Server Settings”:

Set the Custom Role Icons2

Step 3: Go to Roles

Afterward,  go to the “Roles” settings and click the preferred role:

Set the Custom Role Icons1

Step 4: Upload Image 

From the given interface, click on the “Choose Image” option for the role and upload the desired icon from the storage:

Set the Custom Role Icons

In our case, we do not have a server-boosting subscription. Once the user has a subscription and level 2 boosting server the icon image can be uploaded easily.

That’s all about setting the custom role icons in Discord.


Custom role icons are the level 2 boosting server feature. To set the custom role icon, go to the particular server and access its settings. After that, navigate to the “Roles” option and click on the specific role to add the icon. Then, press the “Choose Image” button, and select and upload the icon. This blog has covered the procedure to set the custom role icon in Discord.