How to Setup Jeanne Bot to Your Discord Server

Discord has taken communication to the next level for users who are fond of chatting/texting and video calls. Discord is an amazing social platform that provides the facility to extend the functionality of a server using bots. Discord bots play an important role in making a server fun for members. Moreover, some Discord bots often provide better moderation tools for administrators to manage a server efficiently.

This article will elaborate on how to set up and use the Jeanne bot on Discord.

How to Add Jeanne to Discord?

Discord Jeanne bot is a fun bot for a server that also provides multiple helpful management and moderation commands. To add the “Jeanne Discord bot”, follow the below descriptive steps to get started.

Step 1: Invite the Jeanne Bot

Search for Jeanne bot on website by visiting it using any browser, or simply click here to directly access the Jeanne bot. Next, use the “Invite” button to get started with the Jeanne bot integration process.

Step 2: Select the Server

Select the specific server in which you want to add Jeanne bot and click on “Continue”.

Step 3: Review Permissions

Reviewing the permissions is a part of the process as it provides multiple controls to the bot to access different server settings. By default, all permission boxes are checked, so, simply press the “Authorize” button.

Step 4: Captcha Verification

The Discord captcha challenge must be completed before getting the success message.

On the screen, a green tick will indicate that the Jeanne bot has been added successfully to the Discord server.

How to Setup Discord Jeanne From Mobile?

To set up the Jeanne bot in Discord using a smartphone, the same steps will be followed that are used for the Discord desktop, i.e., invite the Jeanne Bot, select the server, review permissions, and verify the Captcha.

How to Use Jeanne on Discord?

To use the Jeanne bot on Discord, we will utilize the “/” (slash) before typing any command. The syntax for compiling the commands is:


Let’s execute a Jeanne bot command in the Discord server to see how it works and can be practically implemented.


Jeanne bot will start showing random anime memes.

Note: Make sure to select the right server where the Jeanne bot is added, otherwise the commands will not work.

Jeanne Bot Commands

There are more than one hundred fifteen (115+) commands that can be used right after adding the Jeanne bot. Some of the basic commands are stated below:

  • /blush: Make a user blush
  • /calculator: Perform arithmetic calculations
  • /changenickname: Give/set a user new name
  • /dictionary: Check a word’s meaning according to the dictionary
  • /massban: Ban multiple users at once from the server
  • /poke: Poke a user
  • /prune: Delete messages in bulk
  • /remainder add: Set a reminder

Moreover, to get an exhaustive list of Jeanne bot commands, type the “/” in the message box and select the icon of the Jeanne bot as shown below.

Still, in case of more guidance about Jeanne bot, run the “/help” command.

How to Remove Jeanne from Discord?

Sometimes, bots do not seem suitable for servers or cause different kinds of issues. So, in case Jeanne bot is not needed anymore, follow the steps depicted in the next section.

Step 1: Access the Discord Members List

Discord member list contains all the users who joined the server and bots who are invited by us. 

Step 2: Select Kick Jeanne Bot Option

Right-clicking from the mouse on the Jeanne bot will open up the menu that will contain multiple options. Select “Kick Jeanne” to remove the bot from the server.

Step 3: Provide Feedback and Kick

Enter the reason if there is any and complete this final step by clicking on the “Kick” button again.

How to Delete Discord Jeanne From Mobile?

The steps to remove Jeanne’s bot from a Discord server on mobile are a bit different and are mentioned below:

  • Swipe left or tap on the member list icon located in the top right corner using the Discord mobile application
  • Select the Jeanne bot and scroll to the end
  • Hit the kick button and confirm the Jeanne bot deletion

We have covered how a Jeanne bot can be added or removed from a Discord server. Moreover, we have shown how to use the Jeanne bot by practically implementing the command.


To set up the Jeanne bot to the Discord server, visit the website, search for Jeanne bot and invite it to the server. Ensure all steps are followed appropriately as they are illustrated above with screenshots. In case you want to learn more about Jeanne bot, consider using the “/help” command. This write-up has indicated how to use the Jeanne bot in Discord after adding it to the server.