How to Setup Live Countdown Bot to Your Discord Server

Discord bots are a very awesome invention as they can extend, enhance, or add multiple features to Discord instantly, such as celebrating birthdays, image generation, or countdowns of events. However, often users encounter an error or find it quite complex to set up such kinds of bots. Moreover, the usage of such bots can often lead one to fail in accomplishing required tasks. So, reading the proper manuals or instructions before getting started with them is helpful and makes the process more smooth.

In this article, we will walk through the steps for setting up the Discord Live Countdown bot.

How to Setup Live Countdown Bot in a Discord Server

To host events or gather the maximum number of users physically or virtually at some places at a certain time, countdowns play important roles. Countdown gives excitement to the user especially when it is about to finish. As such in Discord, we can add countdown timers to our servers, such as a “Live Countdown bot”. Live Countdown bot can be added within the Discord server using desktop or mobile devices respectively. In the next section, let’s start by adding the Live Countdown bot via the Discord desktop application first.

Adding Live Countdown Bot in Discord Server Using Desktop

Launch the browser and visit the website named by keeping the perspective bot Live Countdown in view. Next, we need to invite this bot into our server by simply tapping on the button “Invite”.

Now, we will be redirected toward our Discord account if logged in. Simply select the respective server in which the Live Countdown bot needs to be added and hit “Continue”:

Permit the bot to send messages within the server by pressing the “Authorize” button.

A captcha in a pop-up will appear on the screen, verify it by tapping the small checkbox located behind the text “I am human”.

Getting a success message is the confirmation that the bot is now functional in the selected Discord server.

In case the bot is not required anymore, follow the next section to remove it from the server.

Removing the Live Countdown bot Using Discord Desktop

Bots definitely add more functionality to the server, however, it is crucial to keep the server clean by removing unnecessary items (bots). To do so, ensure the member panel is opened by clicking on the member list icon as shown below.

From the members list, we need to right-click to get a menu filled with multiple options. Select ”Kick Live Countdown” to get started with the process of removing this bot.

Provide any feedback/reasons or just press the “Kick” button highlighted in red. 

Adding Live Countdown Bot in Discord Server Using Mobile App

Open any browser from the smartphone and visit the same site named “” to add the Live Countdown bot. Hit the invite button to send the invitation to the bot for a Discord server. 

Log in to the Discord account to proceed further.

Next, repeat the same process as mentioned above for the Discord desktop, such as pressing continue by selecting a specific server and then authorizing the permissions.

Removing the Live Countdown Bot Using Discord Mobile Phone

To remove the Live Countdown bot through the Discord mobile application, access the member list from the top right corner and tap on the bot.

Scroll down and press on the kick button; on the confirmation page of removing the Live Countdown Discord bot, tap on “kick”.

Finally, doing so will remove the bot from the server successfully.

Usage & Errors of Live Countdown Bot

The Live Countdown bot can be used using the commands which are shown in the below screenshot.

However, on running any command, it generates an error which indicates that this bot support has ended. 

Let’s jump to the next section which provides amazing alternatives for countdown in the server.

Alternatives of Live Countdown Discord Bot

Bots Competition is getting tougher each day to provide the best experience to the users and fulfill the lack of essential options within the Discord platform. So, if one is looking for more enhanced features or facing any kind of issue with the Live Countdown bot, there are other alternatives available that can be added to the server. These alternatives serve different purposes within a server:

  • Hourglass TimeLord: An aesthetic bot that notifies the users when the allocated time span gets completed.
  • Countie: Versatile bot for tracking remaining time for deadlines or events. Moreover, custom countdowns are also supported.
  • New Year: A bot that is solely designed to countdown for the new year.
  • Snail: Provide multiple functionality along with the countdown, such as generating images.
  • Tymer: Great bot for the server to calculate time to any assigned date.

These were some hand-picked countdown bots, more bots can be explored using the mentioned link

We have presented the proper explanation to add and use the Discord Live Countdown bot within a server. Moreover, we have also provided a list of countdown bots that can be used as per need.


To add and set up the Live Countdown bot, use an external website and invite the bot to the desired server. In case of facing any issues with the Live Countdown bot, consider utilizing, “Countie”, “Snail” or “Tymer” bot. This write-up has demonstrated the way to integrate the Discord Live Countdown bot with a server for mobile as well as for desktop devices.