How to Setup a QuizBot for Your Discord Server

Quizzes are wonderful when it comes to making a platform more engaging by providing real value to its users. The concept of quizzes can be implemented in Discord using a bot named QuizBot. It makes the Discord platform audience engaged with the server by letting the users have fun by making them choose the correct option from multiple ones. Discord QuizBot provides a lot of controls and customization options that are beyond expectations and keep others from getting into the competition.

This write-up will enlighten where we can get and set up the QuizBot for the Discord server.

  1. How to Setup QuizBot on Discord Server
  2. How to Setup Discord QuizBot Using Mobile Devices
  3. How to Use Discord QuizBot
  4. Discord QuizBot Commands List
  5. How to Kick Discord QuizBot
  6. How to Kick Discord QuizBot Using a Mobile App
  7. Conclusion

How to Setup QuizBot on Discord Server

Quiz-bot is self-explanatory as its name describes that it is used to create quizzes in Discord. QuizBot provides a variety of controls while creating quizzes for Discord server audiences to increase their engagement. For the “setup of QuizBot on Discord”, we will walk through the below-given methods:

  • Setup QuizBot Using Discord App Directory
  • Setup QuizBot Using Third-Party Sites

Setup Discord QuizBot Using App Directory

App Directory is a great way to include apps and other utilities within the server without any hassle. We can open the Discord app directory using any server menu from the top left.

Within the app directory, QuizBot can be found with the help of a search box as shown below.

Select the QuizBot from the appeared search results and press “Add to Server”, as shown in the below screenshot.

This will redirect to QuizBot’s official website as you need to log in with your Discord account to get started with the procedure. A dialog box will be displayed by Discord before leaving the platform with the information where you will be redirected; press the “Visit Site” button.

It will automatically be logged in if the Discord account is already opened and show the QuizBot integration process. Select the server using the Dropdown where you want to invite the QuizBot and click continue.

Grant required permission to QuizBot by pressing the authorize button.

A captcha might be shown to you, simply verify it as it is needed to move to the next step.

A loading sign will appear on the screen and show the confirmation on the official website of QuizBot that the bot has been added successfully.

Setup Discord QuizBot Using Third-Party Site

Third-party platforms are also a wonderful way to get the tools, software, or bots securely. is a popular Discord platform that can be used to get the Discord QuizBot. Simply go to this link and click on the “Invite” button to start the integration of QuizBot in Discord.

Pick a server, click continue, and review & authorize for permission to complete the Quizbot integration process. In case the captcha is displayed on the screen, verify it to get the confirmation that the bot has been added perfectly.

How to Setup Discord QuizBot Using Mobile Devices

To add the “Discord QuizBot through a mobile phone”, open any browser and Google for Discord QuizBot. Tap on the “” and hit the “Get Started” section.

Doing so will start making a connection with your Discord account as it is required for adding QuizBot. Log in to your Discord account and repeat the same steps as described above when the setup wizard started.

Third-party site process which is performed for desktop devices can also be used on smartphones to add the QuizBot to the Discord server.

How to Use Discord QuizBot

To “use the QuizBot” on the server, type a command in the message box by starting it from “/” (slash).



Let’s create a quiz using the QuizBot on the server, for that, execute the command:

/create-quiz [name]

Enter the name according to your willingness and press enter. Next, click on the “You can now edit it online” option to manage the quiz from the official website of QuizBot.

Once the quiz opens on the official website, write the description, add tags if needed, select a color, and update the access level.

Scroll and click on the “Add a question” button to manage the essential quiz settings and details.

You need to write the quiz details and set the settings/options according to your preferences. Once done, click on the save button:

Multiple questions can be created using the “Add a question” button which will appear under the “Questions” section.

After clicking the save button, the created quiz will be listed on our list. Simply select “Play” to access more related options and information.

Copy the quiz ID along with the command and adjust the options as per your willingness.

In the Discord server chat box, paste the copied command with quiz ID and hit enter to start the quiz.


Discord QuizBot Commands List

QuizBot makes the addition of more than forty-five commands within a Discord server when added. Some useful QuizBot commands are:

  • /featured show: Allows you to see quiz category
  • /pause: Pause an ongoing quiz
  • /play: Start a quiz
  • /play-random: Start a quiz randomly
  • /stop: Make a quiz stop
  • /view: View a quiz

Typing the / in the server chat box and selecting the QuizBot icon will provide a comprehensive list of all commands.

How to Kick Discord QuizBot

To remove the QuizBot from any server, right-click on the QuizBot name from the member list and select the option “Kick QuizBot”.

Once the confirmation message can be seen, press the “Kick” button to complete the process.

How to Kick Discord QuizBot Using a Mobile App

To delete the Discord QuizBot using a mobile app, select the relevant server and access the member’s list by swiping left. Hit on the name of QuizBot to get a complete overview of it. Now, scroll and tap the “Kick” option; again tap on Kick when the confirmation screen appears.

That’s all for adding the QuizBot on Discord.


To set up the QuizBot for the Discord server, use the “Discord app directory”, “QuizBot official website” or “third-party platform”. QuizBot can be integrated within the Discord server using desktop devices as well as mobile devices. To create the quiz within a server, run the command “/create-quiz” and give it a name. In this tutorial, we have shown in detail how easy it is to set up the QuizBot within the Discord server with the help of multiple methods.