Share and Grant Access to Google Docs

Google Docs is quite a useful application for sharing any document and working on it simultaneously. To avail of this, Google Docs offers various access permissions to share the document in a controlled environment per the owner’s requirement. The permission could be either “Editor”, “Commentor”, or “Viewer”. This article will illustrate how to share and grant access to Google Docs. The content for this write-up is as follows:

Let’s start this guide.

How to Share and Grant Access to Google Docs?

Google Docs offers various permissions like editor, commenter, and viewer. While sharing the document, the owner can choose any of these and grant permission to the respective persons only. These roles have the following access:

  • Editor: The editor has permission to edit, share, and comment on the document.
  • Viewer: The viewer can view and share the document.
  • Commenter: The commenter access allows you to comment on the document and share it.

Now, Let’s practice the steps to share and grant access to Google Docs.

Step 1: Open the document

Open the document and click on the “Share” button from the top right side of the document:

Step 2: Add Email Address

The next step is to add the G-mail address of the user to whom the document is to be shared:

Step 3: Grant the Permission

Now, grant permission to either “Editor”,” Commenter”, or “Viewer”. Choose any of the permission grants and then click on the “Send” button. There is also an optional message option, but in our scenario, we added a short message:

The document will show the pop-up message for the grant access, as can be seen in the below image:

Meanwhile, the person will receive an email (alongside the message if you type) from Google that someone (owner) has shared the document with you.

Method 2: How to Share and Grant Access to Google Docs Using Mobile App?

Google Docs support for Mobile Apps is also available; users can also share and grant access through the Mobile Apps. Let’s discuss the method on Google Docs Mobile App:

Step 1: Open the Document

Open the Google Docs and click on the 3 dots available on the top right side of the document:

Step 2: Share the Document

The next step is to click on the “Share and export” option from the drop-down:

Now, click on the “Share” option from another drop-down menu:

Step 3: Add Email Address

Type the email address of the user in the given field, and the user can also type the message for the document, which is optional:

Step 4: Choose Access

Choose the access either “Editor”, “Commentor”, or “Viewer” by clicking on the “Editor” option:

In the end, click on the send button icon:

The person will be added as shown in the below image:

That’s it from this guide.


In Google Docs, access is granted using the “Share” option of the document from the top right side. The process can be followed through the Google Docs mobile app as well. In this post, both the desktop and the mobile app methods are explained to share and grant access to Google Docs.