How to Share Moments: Sending Videos on Discord

With the advancement in technology, different social media apps are being used for communication purposes. Discord is one of those user-friendly social media apps, it was mainly used by gamers initially, but now it is used in offices and business projects as well. It enables its users to communicate via calls and messages and also supports the screen share option. 

Users can also share their memorable pictures and videos with each other through this platform. In this regard, we will cover the following content:

  1. How to Share Moments: Sending Videos on Discord
  2. Sending Videos on a Desktop Discord
  3. Sending Videos on Discord Using a Smartphone 
  4. How to Share Videos of Sizes More Than 8 MB

How to Share Moments: Sending Videos on Discord

Sending videos on Discord is a great way to share moments with your friends and other Discord community. You can choose to send videos from your gaming achievements, fun moments, or business projects. Sharing videos on Discord has a file limit of 8MBs for the free version, which means that the file above 8MBs will not be shared. However, in the paid version, users can share bigger files up to 50MBs. Be mindful of what you are sharing, as it is necessary to only share the stuff that doesn’t violate the Discord community services or the standard rules set for the specific server.

Sending Videos on a Desktop Discord

Discord can be used on a desktop as an app and on browsers too. To share a video on the Desktop Discord, follow the step-by-step guide given below:

Step 1: Launch the Discord App

Press Win+S on your keyboard together to launch the search box. Type Discord and click Open to launch the app:

Step 2: Open the Text Channel in the Server

Go to the server of your choice in which you want to share the video and open its desired text channel:

Step 3: Add File

Click on the ‘+’ sign on the bottom left of the opened chat box. Click on Upload a File to attach a video file to share:

Step 4: Select Video File 

Navigate to the folder where you have saved your video. Right-click on the video file and hit Open:

Step 5: Confirm Upload

After preview, hit Enter to share the file with your community in the server:

Step 6: Video Shared

Your video file has been shared successfully within your selected channel:

Sending Videos on Discord Using a Smartphone 

The Discord app can be used on smartphones too. To share videos with your community using your phone, follow the step-by-step guide given below:

Step 1: Launch Discord App

Navigate to the Discord app on your mobile’s home screen and tap to open it:

Step 2: Open a Server

Tap on the server of your choice. Open the text channel to share the video:

Step 3: Add the Video File

Tap on the ‘+’ icon adjacent to the chat box to add the video file. This will take you to your mobile’s photo gallery:

Choose the file from the videos’ album in your gallery. Tap on the Show Selected(1) to preview the file you have selected. You can choose up to 10 multiple video files to share at a time. Select Add from the top right of the screen:

After adding the video file it displays a preview on the chat box, if the file being uploaded is not your desired file tap on the X otherwise tap on the send arrow as highlighted in the image below. You can also choose the camera icon, and then the video option to record and share the live moments with your community:

Your video file is successfully shared on your channel. It can be accessed and downloaded by all the members of the channel:

How to Share Videos of Sizes More Than 8 MB

In the free version of Discord, it is possible to share video files of up to 8MB only. If you are willing to share a file bigger than this range, you can purchase the Nitro version to share files up to 50 MB. You can also compress files using different online tools such as Quicktime and Shotcut, however the compression of a video file results in compromised video quality. Another way to fix this issue is uploading your larger video files to cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, and then sharing the link via Discord.


To share moments by sending videos on Discord, open the server of your choice. Go to the text channel you want to send the video in. Click on the Add icon in the chat box, navigate to the folder in which you have kept your file saved, and select the video file. Before hitting the share button, preview the file to ensure that you have selected the correct file that does not violate any terms and conditions of the server and the overall Discord app.