Share Sound on Discord

Discord is primarily a text and voice chat app that also allows you to share files with other users. This includes sound files, which can be especially useful if you want to share music, sound effects, or other sound content with your friends or fellow Discord users. But this can be challenging for users to share sound files especially if they are beginners. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to share sound on Discord in detail by explaining the three different methods mentioned below.

  1. Share Sound on Discord Using Drag and Drop Method
  2. Share Sound on Discord Using Default Uploading File Method
  3. Share Sound Files on Discord Using Third Party Web Applications

Share Sound on Discord Using Drag and Drop Method

This is the simplest way to share a sound File on Discord that can be done by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Discord Application

The first step is to open your Discord application via Windows “Startup” menu:

Step 2: Open the Sound File Folder

Next, open the folder which contains the sound file you want to share:

Step 3: Open the Contact or the Server to Share Sound File

You can either share the sound file with your friend in your Discord contacts or in any of your joined servers. To do that, first, open contact or the server and then drag the sound file on the Discord message box:

After that, you only need to press the “Enter” key to transfer the file.

Share Sound on Discord Using Default Uploading File Method

This is the default method of Discord to send any file to the contact or a server.

Step 1: Open Discord and Select Your Contact / Server

You need to open the Discord server and then select either the contact or the server where you want to share the file.

Step 2: Select the Upload File Option

Next, click on the “Plus” icon that is appeared at the bottom beside the text channel:

Step 3: Upload Desired Sound File

Upon doing so, the File Manager will automatically open. Access the folder where the file is present, select the sound file, and then click on the “Open” button to transfer this file on Discord:

Step 4: Send the Sound File

Now, go back to the Discord application where the sound file can be seen and then you need to press the Enter key to transfer that file:

Share Sound Files on Discord Using Third Party Web Application

In Discord you can only be able to transfer files that are less than or equal to 25MB in size otherwise you will face the below error:

This means that you either need to buy the nitro or you can upload your large files to third-party websites and then share your link on Discord. 

In this method, we will be using a third-party application as not everyone wants to buy a Discord Nitro subscription.

Step 1: Open MediaFire Account and Login

First, visit the official MediaFire website and create your account by clicking on the “Signup” button if you do not have an account:

Now select the basic package which allows you to upload 10GB of data for free and then provide the relevant information to create an account:

Step 2: Upload Sound Files on MediaFire

Now, log in to your account where you will see the “Upload” button at the top center. Click on this button to upload the file:

After that, again press the “Plus” icon:

Lastly, select your desired file to upload by clicking on the “Open” button as follows:

This will put that file in the queue and you need to click on the “Upload” button to start uploading this file:

The upload file can be seen on the main interface of the MediaFire web application:

Step 3: Copy the MediaFire Link 

Next, copy the link of the sound file that you want to share. For that, you can click on the below highlighted “Copy share link” icon:

Step 4: Share the Copied Link on Discord

Now, open the account or any server where you want to share that link. After that, just paste the copied link into the text channel or chat box and press Enter to send the link:

Step 5: Download the Shared File

The shared file can be easily downloaded by clicking on the link:

That’s all about sharing sound files on Discord.


Discord is a powerful platform for connecting with others and sharing content, including sound files. To share the sound on Discord, you can either use the drag and drop method, the default method of uploading files, or use a third-party application. All these methods are very straightforward and easy to use to share sound on Discord.