How to Sign up on Discord Without a Phone Number

Discord is a social media app used for communication purposes, mainly by gamers. As with the advancement in digital media, the increasing risk of cyber crimes is also there. Like other platforms, hackers and scammers can also be found on Discord. So to restrict and turn down hackers, scammers, and their malicious activities Discord passes users through an appropriate verification process. Discord offers only two ways to register the account: via phone number or email address. The user can opt for any of them.

How to Signup on Discord Without a Phone Number?

Discord demands verification of valid user details while signing up for the first time. It is necessary to verify the user account to access its features, to ensure verification, and to discourage scams and malicious activities. There are two ways to create an account, one is via phone number and the other one is through email address. If the user does not want to provide the phone number, then it is possible to sign up and verify the user account on Discord through a valid email address. 

Follow the steps given below to sign up on Discord without a phone number.

Step 1: Launch Discord

Press Win+S from your keyboard together. This will launch the start menu, now enter Discord in the search bar. Click on Open to launch your Discord app:

Step 2: Register Account

After launching the app, the login window appears. To sign up click on Register:

Step 3: Enter Email

After opting for the Register option, the Create an Account window appears to enter the details for creating the account. The first step is to enter the email that you want to use as your login source on Discord. Type your email in the box under the Email heading:

Step 4: Enter User Details and Password

Enter the DISPLAY NAME, that you want to be displayed as your identity on Discord, and then enter the USERNAME. A username is meant to be unique for every user, so after entering it you will get notified whether it is valid or not. In case you have entered a unique username that isn’t in use already it will be accepted, otherwise you have to try some other name. After selecting the appropriate username type PASSWORD. Make sure that you enter a strong password that won’t be guessed easily by anybody to ensure the security of your account. You can make a password strong by adding upper and lower case letters, special characters, and numbers:

Note: It is advised not to share your password with anybody.

Step 5: Enter the Birth Date

As per the policy of Discord, the minimum age of the user must be 13 years. So if you are older than the said age, then enter your valid DATE OF BIRTH and hit continue:

Step 6: Check Captcha

Check the box for Captcha and follow the onscreen verification instructions to validate that you are a human, not a robot:

Step 7: Open User Settings

The human confirmation will lead you to the home screen of Discord. Click on the gear icon located on the bottom left to launch User Settings:

Step 8: Check Account Verification

Go to My Account to see your account details. As in the picture below, it is seen that it prompts that the email is unverified and suggests verifying the email from the given email address. In case you have not received a verification email, you can choose Resend Verification Email to receive it again:

Step 9: Verify Email

Go to your provided email inbox and look for the email from Discord. Click on Verify Email to verify your account details automatically:

Step 10: Continue to Discord

After successful verification, hit the “Continue to Discord” button to launch the app again:

Step 11: Double Check Verification

Go to My Account under User Settings to double-check the verification status. As seen in the image below, there is no pending verification:

You are all set to use your Discord account.

How to Use Discord on Smartphones?

Discord can be used on smartphones too, both Android and IOS. The basic usage of Discord on a smartphone is illustrated below:

Step 1: Open the Discord App

Navigate to your Discord app on your phone’s home screen and tap on it to launch it:

Step 2: Log in to Your Account

Click on the Log In option from the window, as you have already created a Discord account on your PC : 

Enter your login credentials. In this case, we are signing in to Discord without a phone number, so enter your registered email and password. Hit Log In:

Discord Home Screen Interface

There are multiple options that can be availed from the Discord home screen, as explained below:

  1. This Discord icon opens up the window on which you can see your Discord community.
  2. This is for the Direct Messages. Tapping on it will open your friends list and let you chat with any of them.
  3. These are the servers in which you are enrolled.
  4. You can choose to create another server of your own.
  5. There are some public servers for study, gaming, and some other purposes. Tap here to search for and join such servers. 
  6. This is your friends’ list. You can add, remove, and search for new friends here.
  7. You can search channels, servers, or friends to start multiple interaction activities.
  8. This is your notification bar. All the Discord notifications appear here.
  9. This is your user profile. You can do all the settings and see what Discord has brought to you here. This is your personal space to set up and configure yourself for Discord.

This way you can sign up on Discord mobile without using a phone number.


You can sign up on Discord without using a phone number through an email address instead. To sign up via email, you have to insert a valid email address, appropriate user details, and password. By hitting the signing up option, you will have to go through the verification process to completely set up the account. The first verification is for your human identity, and the second and last verification is done through the provided email address.