Slash Commands in Discord

Commands are the specific instructions that the user gives the bot to perform the tasks. Have you ever been stuck guessing or figuring out how the commands work for bots? Introducing Discord slash command (/) making it easier to understand for the users. It is also used as a “/” prefix in most of the bots

This article will cover all aspects of slash command (/) in Discord.

What is Slash Command in Discord?

Slash command acts as a medium to communicate with the bots. Just type the “/” command in the message section and choose the respective bot’s available commands. In the old versions of Discord, the user may use the “!help” command and in return, a piece of information appeared in the text form. Rather than searching for each command on Google, the user now examines the “/” command for obtaining the list of commands along with the command description.

Note: Slash command is the newly launched feature that may not be supported by every bot.

How to Use Slash Command in Discord?

Let’s use the slash command in Discord and see the practical demonstration.

Step 1: Type “/” Command

Launch the Discord, go to the preferred server from the sidebar, and type the “/” command in the Text channel or message section: 

Subsequently, choose the respective bot from the side menu of appeared pop-out and all the commands of the selected bot will be visible on the screen. For instance, we will use “/joke” command to generate rat joke:

Step 2: Check the Results

Upon doing so, the specific command will be executed and the output can be seen in the server:

Features of Slash Command

Features of the Slash command are described in the provided table:

Auto-CompletionSlash command provides the facility of auto-completion. In this way, the user doesn’t need to type the full command to run it.
Error HandlingAnother feature of the slash command is error handling, if there is any error in the command, it will automatically tell the user about the particular error.

We have demonstrated on Discord slash command.


In Discord, the slash command is a way to interact with bots to give specific instructions. Type the “/” command, choose the preferred bot and its given commands. It is the quickest and shortest way to get the command list of the particular bot instead of searching them on Google. Furthermore, it provides the auto-completion and error-handling features of the commands. This blog has elaborated on the slash commands in Discord.