Sound May Not Be Available on Discord: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Discord is a platform that is the reason behind connecting millions of people worldwide including gamers, remote work teams, and social communities. The ability to hear is a necessary feature for communication on Discord. 

Discord offers many features to enhance the user experience instead of that some errors can occur while using Discord. One of the frustrating issues is the unavailability of sound on Discord. 

This post specifically explains the possible issues associated with the sound on Discord that users can experience. Also, the solutions to all omit these issues and enjoy the best experience of Discord. 

What is the Discord’s Audio Architecture?

Discord is the platform where millions of people can communicate with each other regardless of the community to which they belong. Discord supports real-time voice and communication among all its users. This platform uses central servers and peer-to-peer connections for transmitting the best quality of sound among its users. 

How Voice and Sound Are Transmitted in Discord?

There are two different modes through which voice and sound are transmitted in Discord:

  • Voice Channels: These include the real-time calls which users make to talk with their friends worldwide. When the call is connected, the audio data is sent to the “Discord Server” and then transmitted to the specified user’s channel. 
  • Text-to-Speech: Discord also supports the features of sending sound messages as text messages. The text messages are converted to sound by using the “Text-to-Speech” technology. 

What are the Common Sound Issues on Discord?

The common sound issues which users can face while using Discord are:

  • No Sound During Voice Calls or Chat: Users may find complete silence during the calls and also receive silent text messages. 
  • Distorted Sound Quality: Users can hear the distortion in the voice calls and feel difficult to listen to the clear voice. 
  • Voice Lags: Users may find delays or lags in the sounds in which users listen to the messages after some second delays. 
  • Echoes: Users can listen to the echoes either of their own voice or the other person’s voice. 
  • Abnormal Sound Volume: The user may also listen to the inconsistent volume of the voice which means it can be low or high surprisingly on its own. 
  • Single Side Audio: Users can also experience calls in which only one person’s voice is hearable. 

Solutions to Fix the “Sound May Not Be Available on Discord” Problem

If users experience any of the above-mentioned issues, they are advised to use the below-mentioned fixes to resolve their issues. 

Fix 1: Check Discord Server Status

First of all, visit the official Twitter page of the Discord “@Discordapp” to confirm if there is any maintenance work on the Discord server going on. Sometimes, the Discord team is doing server maintenance which causes sound issues. This can be confirmed from the notification on their Twitter Page or Discord status page

Fix 2: Restart Your Computer

Some programs or processes running in the background of the computer may cause sound issues in Discord and to resolve them, restart the computer to have a fresh start. 

Fix 3: Reset the Discord Voice Settings

Abnormal changes in the Discord Voice settings may cause sound issues. To solve this issue, it is suggested to reset the voice settings to the default settings. To reset the voice settings, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Step 1: Open the User Settings of Discord

First, click on the “Gear” icon on the Discord Home page:

Step 2: Reset the Sound Settings

Next, locate the “Voice & Video” option in the Discord settings and then scroll down the page to its end, click on the “Reset Voice Settings”:

As a result, the voice settings will be set to default settings. 

Fix 4: Use Discord Legacy Audio Subsystem

Sometimes the Discord audio system is not compatible with the hardware specifications, at this time, it is recommended to choose the “Legacy” Audio Subsystem. 

This can be chosen by finding the “AUDIO SUBSYSTEM” option in the “Voice & Video” Settings:

Fix 5: Check the Internet Connection

Check the internet is connected to the internet server correctly and also make sure its speed is good. A stable internet connection is required to make a voice call on the Discord application. 

Fix 6: Update the Audio Drivers

Sometimes when the operating system is installed on the computer, different drivers are not installed and are supposed to be installed manually after the OS is installed. Make sure the Audio Drivers are installed on the computer and also, they are updated. 

The audio drivers on the computer can be updated by performing the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open the Device Manager

First, find and open the “Device Manager” on the computer:

Step 2: Update the Driver

When the “Device Manager” is opened, click on the “Speakers / Headphone”. A drop-down menu will appear, select the “Update driver” and the drive will get up to date:

Fix 7: Firewall and Antivirus Settings

If the sound is not hearable on Discord calls, make sure the Discord is not being blocked by the Firewall or the installed antivirus software on the computer. 

Fix 8: Reinstall the Discord Application

The last suggested solution is either to update the Discord application to its latest version or reinstall the Discord application. Reinstalling the application will make sure the latest version of Discord is installed on the computer with the fixes of bugs and errors of the application. 

These all are the common fixes that will surely resolve the sound issues while using the Discord application. 


Though Discord comes with many advanced features, there are still some issues that users can experience. Sound issues are one of the Discord issues. To fix the stated issue, reset Discord sound settings, check the internet connection, update system audio drivers, or reinstall Discord. This blog explains the issues associated with the sounds that Discord users can experience and the possible methods to fix them.