Stage Channels in Discord

In Discord, a channel is a place where users communicate with community members. Communication is of two types, either text or voice. The Discord text channel allows users to associate with other users via text messages. However, voice channels enable users to voice chat and video calls. The stage channel is one of the voice channels where users can interact with members through audio conversation. 

The aim of this blog is to cover all aspects of stage channels in Discord.:

What is Stage Channel?

Stage Channel is a special type of channel where only audio conversations are allowed and is approachable with the community server. In the stage channel, a specific topic will be decided for discussion, and particular members are allowed to speak while the others listen to the discussion as the audience.

Within each stage channel, the whole event is managed by the moderators that are made when creating the stage channel. Speakers are shown on the top while the audience is displayed at the bottom section.

How to Enable Community Server?

To create and use the stage channel, make sure that your server is a community server. In order to enable the community server, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Approach the Server

Launch Discord via the Windows Start menu and approach the server of your preference from the left panel. Subsequently, hit on the name of the server for obtaining more options:

Step 2: Approach Server Settings

A drop-down menu will appear, press the “Server Settings” option to approach it:

Step 3: Enable Community

From the left sidebar, click on the “Enable Community” section and press the “Get Started” button:

Step 4: Safety Checks

From the appeared screen, mark the safety checks for email verification and scan media content for all members. Afterward, hit the “Next” button:

Step 5: Set Up Basic Rules

Furthermore, select the rules or guidelines channel and community updates channel from the appeared drop-downs and proceed:

Step 6: Finish Setup

Lastly, accept the terms and conditions by marking highlighted checkbox and hitting the “Finish Setup” button:

Step 7: Verification

By doing all the above steps, the server is converted into the community server:

How to Create a Stage Channel?

After enabling Discord server as a community server, the user can create the stage channel. For demonstration, follow the mentioned guidelines.

Step 1: Create New Channel

Click on the “Plus” icon of the VOICE CHANNEL category to create the new channel:

Step 2: Select Stage Option

Next, choose the “CHANNEL TYPE” as “Stage” and enter the name in the “CHANNEL NAME” section. Then, hit the “Next” button:

Step 3: Add Stage Moderators

Afterward, select the moderator for the channel. For this purpose, add the name of stage moderators and assign specific roles from appeared role list. Next, press the “Create Channel” option:

Step 4: Verification

Once you performed all the steps, the stage channel will be created:

How to Use a Stage Channel?

For using the stage channel, see the following step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Join Stage Channel

First, click on the created stage channel to join it and select the “Start the Stage” option:

Step 2: Enter Topic

Enter the stage topic in the “STAGE TOPIC” section and hit the “Start Stage”:

Step 3: Invite Friends

The stage channel is ready to utilize, invite the friends by pressing the “Invite” icon and start the discussion:

This is all about the stage channel in Discord.


Stage channel is a special type of voice channel where only audio conversations are allowed. Only one person speaks at a time known as the speaker and the rest act as the audience and listen to the speaker. To create the stage channel in Discord, first, turn your server into the Community server by going into the user’s settings. Then, create the new channel, choose the server type “Stage” and create it. This write-up has determined all points of the stage channels in Discord.