How do I Stream Movies on Discord?

In recent years, Discord has become a well-known application for every kind of user due to its user-friendly interface and variety of different features. A user not only uses it for voice and text chats, but it also provides the capability to stream movies, allowing users to enjoy films together in real-time and many more. 

A comprehensive guide will be provided in this article which will cover the streaming method for both Discord Desktop and Mobile versions.

Stream Movies on Discord Desktop

The below steps can be followed to stream movies on Discord Desktop.

Step 1: Install and Set Up Discord

Streaming on the Discord Desktop application is only possible by installing it first. This can be done by visiting the official Discord website and downloading the appropriate version for your operating system:

Step 2: Create or Join a Server

After installing Discord, the next step is to create or join a server. If a user wants to watch movies with their friends then they can create a server and invite them to join. Alternatively, a user can also join the existing server. 

Step 3: Choose a Movie Streaming Source

Next, a user needs to play a movie either from a website where they want to stream or they can also use the downloaded movie as well. To stream the movie on the server, first, click on the “Voice Channel” and select the option of “Share Your Screen” available at the bottom:

Step 4: Select the Source

After that, it will ask to provide the source from where a movie should be streamed. For this purpose, select the tab from where you want to start streaming:

Step 5: Adjust the Streaming Settings

In the following steps, a user needs to adjust the streaming settings such as the “Streaming Quality”, “Resolution” and the “Frame Rate”:

Next, a user needs to click on the “Go Live” button which will start the streaming of the selected movie:

Stream Movies on Discord Mobile?

A user can also stream movies on Discord using a mobile application by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open User Settings

Open the mobile application and tap on the profile icon available on the bottom right side:

Step 2: Join a Voice Channel 

Navigate to the desired server and then access any channel from the “VOICE CHANNELS”.

Next, choose the “Join Voice” button:

Step 3: Share Your Screen

After that, swipe up the screen and hit the “Share Your Screen” option:

A prompt will appear to inform the user to not share any personal and sensitive information while sharing the screen. After acknowledging it, select the “START NOW” button to start streaming the screen:

Whatever is opened in the mobile phone will start streaming on the Discord server as shown below:

Screen sharing can also be stopped by tapping on the “Stop sharing” button:

Tips for a Smooth Movie Streaming Experience on Discord

A user should follow the below tip to ensure a smooth and enjoyable movie streaming experience on Discord:

  • Close unnecessary applications and background processes to allocate more resources to Discord and movie streaming.
  • Optimize streaming settings to balance video quality and network performance.
  • Set some basic guidelines for chat interactions to maintain focus on the movie and prevent excessive interruptions

That’s all about the guide on “How to Stream Movies on Discord


Streaming movies on Discord has become a popular way to enjoy watching movies with friends. To stream a movie, a user needs to make a separate server or join a server of a friend first. Then, play the movie in the background and click on “Share Your Screen” available under the “Voice Channel”. Lastly, adjust the relevant streaming settings and then click on the “Go Live” button to start the streaming. This blog has illustrated the method to stream movies on Discord.