How to SuperScript in Google Docs

Google Docs is the best alternative text editor tool with diverse functionalities such as Microsoft Word. These functionalities include “Superscript”, “Subscript”, “Indent text”, “Bold text”, and many more. The “Superscript” feature is formatting the text in which text or numbers are placed above (like exponent). The superscript is added where the mouse cursor is pointing. It is useful for mathematical expression, scientific equations, chemical reactions, etc. Keeping in view the importance of the superscript, this post will illustrate methods to superscript in Google Docs.

Let’s get started:

Method 1: Using Toolbar to SuperScript in Google Docs

In Google Docs, the “Toolbar” provides a bundle of features that can be easily accessible in a short time. Here, the “Toolbar” is exercised to apply superscript in Google Docs. The following Google Doc file contains a mathematical expression, and the “2” in the expression will be superscripted:

Select the text/character (in our case, it is “2”) that you want to make “Superscript”. Then, click the “Format” button (from the menu bar) that generates the dropdown list with different options. Afterward, hover over the “Text” option and choose the “Superscript” option in the dropdown list:

The below screenshot validates that the mathematical expression is converted from “x2=3+78” to “x2=3+78” by making the numerical number “2” a “Superscript”:

Method 2: Using the Shortcut Key to SuperScript in Google Docs

Professionals utilize the shortcut keys to access the required feature in less time. For instance, this method is considered by employing the shortcut key “CTRL+.(dot)”.

In a Google Doc, select the text/character to make a superscript and use the shortcut key; that number will become the exponent, as represented in the following GIF:

Bonus Tip: Insert Special Character as Superscript

It is an additional step to insert the special character as “Superscript”. For instance, place the cursor where you want to insert the “Superscript” in Google Docs:

Click the “Insert” button and choose the “Special characters” option from the dropdown list:

Click “SUPERSCRIPT TWO” to insert the special character in the form of a “Superscript” at the place of the cursor in Google Docs.

Users can validate that the superscript is added at the desired place where the cursor is placed in a document in Google Docs.

That’s it! You have learned to superscript in Google Docs.


The “Superscript” feature is provided from the “Toolbar” and shortcut key “CTRL+.(dot). In the “Toolbar”, select the “Format” button and hover over “Text”, and choose the “Superscript” option. Moreover, Google Docs provides additional features to insert the special character as “Superscript”.In this post, two methods have been demonstrated to make the selected text/character a “Superscript”.