How to Translate Docs into Other Languages?

Google Docs is a great platform to work with people all over the world collaboratively. In some situations, the document needs to be translated into other languages so that a maximum number of people can understand what is being written/communicated. Considering this issue, Google Docs assists an interesting feature to convert text documents into another language based on user needs. Today, this guide will illustrate how to translate documents into other languages.

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How to Translate Docs into Other Languages?

Translating a document is an essential thing in some situations to deliver some important information to one who does not have an idea of your language. This guide comprises the following steps:

Step 1: Open Google Docs File

An empty or existing document can be considered for translation into another language. In this situation, an existing document is carried out having some information in the “English” language already written:

Step 2: Translate Document

In this existing document, pick the “Translate document” option that comes from pressing the “Tools” option, as seen below:

Step 3: Choose a Language

A new window will open on which users can type the “New document title” and hit the “Choose a language” menu, which can be visualized in below figure:

The drop-down list of languages comprises various well-known regional languages. You can choose your desired one. In this case, we selected a “Dutch” language for translating a document and hit the “Translate” button:

Step 4: Verify the Translated Docs

You can verify that document which is in “English” language has been converted into “Dutch” language:

Similarly, the user may choose any language from the languages dropdown option.

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Translate docs into other languages by choosing the “Translate document” option from the “Tools” tab of the menu bar. After that, pick the specific language which you want to be translated. This interesting feature is helpful to those who collaborate with people who have different languages and cannot understand English. This tutorial has guided you on the way to translate Google Docs to any other language.