Twitter Discord Bots

Twitter Discord bots allow users to connect their Twitter accounts to their Discord servers. These bots use APIs to access Twitter data and post updates in real-time to the designated Discord channel. Two of the most useful Discord bots for Twitter will be discussed in this article as mentioned below.

  1. Tweetcord Discord Bot
  2. Twitter Bot Discord Bot

Tweetcord Discord Bot

Tweetcord is a Discord bot designed to integrate Twitter with the Discord platform. It allows users to connect their Twitter account to Discord and receive updates on their Twitter feed directly in Discord servers. It also enables users to interact with tweets, such as liking, commenting, or retweeting, without leaving the Discord platform:

Key Features of Tweetcord

Here are some of the key features of Tweetcord that make it a popular Discord bot:

Twitter Integration: Tweetcord integrates Twitter with Discord, allowing users to connect their Twitter accounts and receive updates on their Twitter feed directly in Discord servers.

Interactive Tweets: Users can interact with tweets as they can like, comment, and retweet tweets without leaving the Discord platform.

Customizable Notifications: Tweetcord allows users to customize their notifications to receive updates on specific Twitter accounts or keywords.

Moderation Tools: The bot has moderation tools that can help moderators manage their Discord servers effectively. It can filter out spam messages and unwanted content from Discord servers.

Auto Responder: Tweetcord can automatically respond to tweets that meet specific criteria set by users. For example, users can set the bot to respond to tweets that mention a specific keyword or hashtag.

Twitter Bot Discord Bot

Twitter Bot allows you to receive Twitter notifications, tweets, and messages directly on your Discord server. This bot is useful to keep track of your favorite Twitter accounts or hashtags, or for those who want to stay updated on certain topics:

Features of Twitter Bot for Discord

Twitter Bot offers several benefits for Discord users, including:

Automatic Tweet Posting: This bot can be used to automatically post tweets from a user’s Twitter account to a designated channel on the Discord server. 

Real-time Updates: Twitter Bot sends real-time updates to your Discord server, which means you can stay up to date on the latest news, events, and trends.

Easy Integration: Twitter Bot is easy to install and integrate with your Discord server, and can be used by anyone, even those who are not familiar with coding.

Filtering Tweets: Users can choose which tweets they want to be posted on their Discord server by setting up filters that contain a certain keyword or hashtag. 

Advanced Analytics: This bot allows users to track the performance of their Twitter account on their Discord server, such as number of likes, retweets, and comments on each post.


Twitter Discord bots are an excellent way to stay up to date with the latest tweets from their favorite accounts without having to leave Discord. Using these bots will save you time and improve efficiency as you don’t need to handle these things manually. There are several bots for this purpose and among those two of the bots that have been discussed are “Tweetcord” and “Twitter bot”.