Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster) Review

Ubuntu is the Debian-based Linux distribution and also one of the most popular Linux distributions. It is popular among all the communities whether they are developers or gamers. 

Every release of Ubuntu comes with new features. Users often anxiously wait for the latest release of Ubuntu. Lunar Lobster is the recent release of Ubuntu which is also known as Ubuntu 23.04. Its LTS version is not released yet. 

This post walks through the detailed review of Ubuntu 23.04 or Lunar Lobster.

What’s New in Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)?

Ubuntu 23.04 comes with many enhanced features which will make the user’s experience more wonderful. 

Enhanced User Interface and Design

Ubuntu has maintained its tradition of providing the best User interface and design. Ubuntu 23.04 comes with the “Flutter-based Installer” which is more polished. This flutter-based installer helps new Ubuntu users with the installation process.

Also, GNOME 44 comes pre-installed on Ubuntu 23.04 with the following new features:

  • It provides a brilliant fusion of colors
  • The quick menu bar contains a button to capture the screenshots
  • New eye-catching wallpapers and themes are available
  • GNOME Circle provides a collection of application libraries that enhance the ecosystem

It also comes with the “Wayland” display server protocol by default by replacing the X.Org server.

In simple terms, the desktop environment is more polished and provides smoother interaction for new users with Ubuntu Lunar Lobster.

Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

Updated Software Stack

After the desktop environment, the important thing is the hardware and software packages. It comes with updated packages and software:

  • It comes with the 6.2.0-18-generic version of the Kernel
  • The GCC version is 13
  • Ruby has the 3.1 version
  • LLVM comes with version 16
  • 102.9.1 version of the Thunderbird has been pre-installed

These updated versions of the packages ensure better compatibility of the OS with the system, also, it improves the security and performance of the system. Moreover, it contains the latest security updates and features which will ensure the user’s data is secured.

Performance Enhancements

With the above-mentioned latest application, Ubuntu Lunar Lobster ensures the optimization of the machine’s power. Now the boot time and application launch times will be much faster as compared to the previous releases.

Also, it provides the feature of power management by which users can enhance the life of the laptop’s battery.

Improved Hardware Support

The new release of Ubuntu is designed in such a way that it is installed on a computer having the following hardware specifications:

ProcessorAMD64 or EM64T architecture
Graphic CardNot specifically needed

Snap Package Integration

Snapcraft is the applications store that provides hundreds of Linux applications. To download and install the application, users need to install the snapd package manager in the previous releases. 

In this new release, the snap desktop client is pre-installed which means users can easily download and manage the snaps of Telegram, Spotify, and many other Linux applications. 

After all the above-mentioned features, just navigate to the official website of Ubuntu for downloading the ISO file to install it on the machine. 


Ubuntu released “Ubuntu 23.04” with the codename “Lunar Lobster” in the month of April 2023. This release comes with new security updates and features. This post has provided a detailed review of Ubuntu Lunar Lobster, after which the users are recommended to download the ISO file of it. Install it on the computer and enjoy its experience.