The Ultimate Guide to Discord Font: What Font Does Discord Use?

Discord has become a vital part of the online gaming community to communicate with one another. One of the unique aspects of the platform is its use of fonts, which can vary depending on the context. Discord’s fonts have been carefully chosen to provide a unique and engaging user experience.

In this article, we will discuss the fonts that Discord uses.

  • Uni Sans: The Primary Discord Font
  • Open Sans: Discord Logo Font 
  • GG Sans: Discord’s New Font

Uni Sans: The Primary Discord Font

Discord primarily uses “Uni Sans” font for desktop and mobile applications which was created by Svet Simov in 2008. It is a simple and beautiful font that is easy to read on digital platforms and Discord uses various weights and sizes across its entire platform. You can see this font when you’re chatting, browsing servers, and using the search function.

Open Sans: Discord Logo Font 

The font that is used to create a Discord logo initially was the variation of “Uni Sans heavy font which was later modified on May 13, 2021, to Ginto Nord Typeface. 

GG Sans: Discord’s New Font

Starting from December 1, 2022, Discord has updated its font across all its surfaces to a new custom font called “gg sans“. According to Discord’s official website, the new font will replace Uni Sans as the primary font for the platform. The gg sans font will be used as the typeface across all platforms, including the Discord mobile and desktop apps, as well as the website and blog.

The gg sans font is designed by the team at Discord, and it has a modern appearance with clean lines and smooth curves. It is a sans-serif font that is easy to read and is optimized for digital platforms to further improve readability and consistency across its platform, providing a better experience for its users.

That’s all about the Discord fonts.


Discord is one of the most famous and trending applications when it comes to communicating with friends and others around the globe. One of its key features is the selection and use of its fonts which makes this application very special. Earlier Discord uses “Uni Sans” as a primary font that was later replaced by the GG Sans font. This article has discussed the Discord fonts.