How to Use Checkbox ☑ in Google Sheets

One can manage and organize data with the help of Google Sheets, a robust spreadsheet program. The checkbox is one of the most helpful features, when you add a checkbox to a cell, you can check or uncheck it to indicate a status, the completion of a task, or any other relevant information.

When you need to track a lot of data, checkboxes in Google Sheets can help you save a lot of time and work. You may quickly filter, compile, or analyze data based on specific criteria using checkboxes. Checkboxes can also be used to manage a project, make a to-do list, or keep track of critical tasks.

This article will demonstrate the usage of checkboxes in Google Sheets which will enable you to utilize this useful feature and improve your Google Sheets productivity.

What are the Methods for Using Checkboxes in Google Sheets?

There are two different methods of using the checkboxes in Google Sheets:

  1. Using the “Insert” menu
  2. Using the “Data validation” feature

Method 1: Use Checkbox in Google Sheets Using the “Insert” Menu

The first method of using the checkbox in Google Sheets is by using the “Insert” menu. For example, we have a diet plan consisting of different meals:

To add the checkboxes in the meals, select all the cells containing the meals:

Go to the “Insert” on the menu bar, and then in the dropdown menu, click on the “Tick box”:

Once the “Tick box” is chosen, the checkboxes are inserted in the selected cells:

You can click on the checkboxes to mark them “select”:

Method 2: Use Checkbox in Google Sheets Using the “Data validation” Feature

Another method of using the checkbox in Google Sheets is the “Data validation” feature, to use the “Data validation” feature, first, select the cells where the checkboxes are supposed to add:

Then click on “Data” in the menu bar, and then in the dropdown menu choose “Data validation”:

Then in the “Data validation rules” click on the “+ Add rule” button:

Then in the “Criteria” option, choose the “Tick box”:

Finally, click on the “Done” button to apply the changes:

The checkboxes are inserted in the Google Sheets successfully. 

How to Customise the CheckBox in Google Sheets?

To change the size and color of the checkboxes, select the cells containing them:

Then click on the “Format” and then on “Conditional formatting” as shown below:

Now in the “Formatting style,” one can change the color of the checkboxes and the cells containing them as well. Finally, click on “Done” to apply and save the changes:

We have chosen yellow for the cell color and green for the checkboxes color:

To change the size of the checkboxes, select the cells of checkboxes and then use the text size option:

The size of the checkboxes can be increased and decreased using the above-mentioned method.


To use the checkbox in Google Sheets, either use the insert option or the “Data validation” feature. To make the checkboxes appealing, you can change their size and color as well. In this blog, both methods are demonstrated in an easy way for a better understanding of the readers. The first method of using the “Insert” option is easy but the second method of using the “Data validation” feature allows provides you with more customization options.