How to Use Dark Mode in Google Docs

Google Docs is the most famous and free tool for real-time collaboration that enables interaction between different users. Google Docs has various features, including track changes, auto-saving, remote access, and many more. Apart from that, users can enable and use the light mode as well as the dark mode in Google Docs. The dark mode provides an eye soothing effect for the user. In this guide, we intend to discuss different methods for using dark mode in Google Docs. The contents of this post are as follows:

Method 1: Using the Custom Setting for Dark Mode in Google Docs

The dark mode in Google Docs can be enabled and used with the help of Google flags. These flags are beta features of Google Chrome that are utilized for experimental purposes. To achieve the mode, users write “chrome://flags” in the search box. It enables all the content of the Chrome browser in dark mode.

Step 1: Enable Auto Dark Mode

To enable the dark mode, write “chrome://flags” in the address bar of Google Chrome. It navigates to the “Google Flags, and has a lot of features regarding the content of web browsers.

Write “dark” in the search bar that accesses the “Auto Dark Mode”.Select the dropdown box, and choose the “Enabled” option:

Step 2: Relaunch Chrome

To apply the effect of web content, press the “Relaunch” button:

Step 3: Verify the Dark Mode

In the end, the dark mode can be validated by opening the Google document in Google Docs:

Method 2: Use the Browser Extension for Dark Mode in Google Docs

In this method, the Dark Mode extension will be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, and then the extension will be added to Chrome. The step-by-step guidance is provided here to enable the dark mode in Google Docs:

Step 1: Open the Chrome Web Store

After opening the Chrome web store, type “google docs dark mode chrome” in the search box of the browser and hit enter:

Step 2: Access the Google Docs Dark Mode

Click on the first link. It navigates to the Chrome Web Store for users. In this store, users can press the “Add to Chrome” button to enable the dark mode in Google Docs:

Step 3: Enable the Dark Mode

After clicking the “Add to Chrome” button, a pop-up window is generated in which the user can press the “Add extension”to enable the dark mode in Google Docs:

Step 4: Verify the Dark Mode

Hence, the Google Docs Dark Mode has been added to Chrome:

To validate the dark mode in Google Docs, open the Docs by pressing the right extension box: 

Create a new document to check if the dark mode is enabled or not in Google Docs:

After opening the new document, the user can validate whether the dark mode has been enabled in Google Docs or not:

Here you go! You have learned to enable and utilize dark mode in Google Docs.


The built-in extension “Google Docs Dark Mode” of Google Chrome and “Google Flags” are used to enable the dark mode in Google Docs. The “Google Docs Dark Mode” extension can be obtained through the Chrome Store. On the other hand, users enable the “Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents” feature in “Google Flags” and relaunch the browser. This post demonstrates various methods to use dark mode in Google Docs.