How to use Discord with a Bluetooth headset?

Discord is a social media app that is used for communication through text messages and voice or video calls. It also allows its users to share screens and live streams. As there are multiple voice engagement activities, it does allow the use of externally connected output devices such as wired headsets or wireless Bluetooth headsets. In this article, we have covered for you the following main topics:

  1. How to Connect Bluetooth Headset to PC 
  2. How to Set Up Bluetooth Headset on Discord
  3. How to use Discord Mobile with a Bluetooth Headset 
  4. How to Fix Bluetooth Headset not Working on Discord Desktop

How to Use Discord with a Bluetooth Headset?

Discord can pair up with different output devices for voice and video calling features such as Bluetooth headsets, air dots, air buds, etc. Bluetooth headsets are most commonly used by gamers and other Discord users instead of traditional desktop speakers for listening to voice channels, and live-streaming of games or calls on Discord. Here is a complete guide on how to use Discord with a Bluetooth headset:

How to Connect Bluetooth Headset to PC 

Prior to using Bluetooth headsets with Discord, it is necessary to connect this output device to the PC first. To connect the Bluetooth headset to your PC, follow the guide given below:

Press the Win+S keys on your keyboard to launch the start menu. Type Bluetooth and other devices settings in the search box and click Open:

Toggle on the Bluetooth icon and click on Add Bluetooth or other devices:

From the Add a Device menu, click on Bluetooth:

Click on the name of your headset device and let it pair with your PC. After pairing up, you will see the following window. Hit Done to exit the window:

How to Set Up Bluetooth Headset on Discord

To set up the Bluetooth headset on Discord, follow the guide given below: 

Go to the start menu by pressing the Win+S keys on your keyboard. Type Discord in the search box and click Open to open the Discord app:

Go to the bottom of the home screen and click on the gear icon to open the User Settings:

Scroll down the menu and click on Voice & Video. From Voice Settings, change the INPUT DEVICE from Default to your Headset. This will enable Discord to use your headset’s microphone during voice engagement on it:

To set your headset as your OUTPUT DEVICE, select its name instead of Default. Now you are all set to hear all the voice engagements through your Bluetooth headset instead of the Default speakers of your PC:

After selecting the desired device, you can check the voice quality by testing your external device through the Let’s Check option. Click on ESC X to exit the window:

Now you are all set to listen and speak through your Bluetooth headset that is connected to your PC.

How to Use Discord Mobile With a Bluetooth Headset 

To use a Bluetooth headset on Discord mobile, you have to connect your headset via Bluetooth. To set up a Bluetooth headset with your Discord mobile, follow the guide below:

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to the Settings on your phone’s home screen:

Step 2: Open Bluetooth Settings

Under the Settings section, go to Bluetooth and click on the icon:

Toggle the icon on and see the available Bluetooth devices. Click on the name of your headset device and pair it with your phone. On successful pairing, the status of the device will be shown as  Connected:

On mobile phones when there is an external output device connected, it is integrated with all the apps by default. There is no specific configuration for setting up the external headset to Discord. It will automatically use the Bluetooth headset in voice engagement. 

How to Fix Bluetooth Headset not Working on Discord Desktop

If you have connected your Bluetooth headset but not working on your Discord, this can be due to multiple reasons. Below is the guide on possible issues and their fixes: 

Check the Connectivity of Your Headset with the PC

The headset can be non-functional due to the fact that it is not connected to the PC, instead, some other Bluetooth device is paired and misunderstood with it. To make sure that the right Bluetooth device is connected, go to the Bluetooth & other devices from the start menu and double-check the name of the connected device. If it is already connected then move to the next step, otherwise disconnect the wrong device and pair up with the right device again:

Check Connected Headset With Discord

The said problem could arise if Discord is not set to configure the connected Bluetooth headset. To check this, go to the Voice & Video section from Discord’s User Settings and see the output device status. Set it to the desired Bluetooth headset by choosing from the drop-down list:

Level Up Volume 

Another reason for this bug could be the zero or low volume. Set increase the volume level from Discord’s Voice & Video section as well as from the quick menu of the PC as highlighted in the image below:

Update Bluetooth Driver

If the Bluetooth Drivers are not updated, they can cause glitches in setting up the headset properly. To fix this, press the Win+X keys from your keyboard and click on Device Manager to open it:

Go to Bluetooth. Right-click on it and choose Update Drivers:

Reset Voice Settings

There may be the possibility of errors in voice settings which is causing trouble in the integration of the headset with Discord. Fix this by clicking on Reset Voice Settings under the Voice & Video section within the User Settings menu:


To use Discord with a Bluetooth headset, go to the Bluetooth and other devices from the start menu and pair up the Bluetooth headset with the PC. Navigate to the Discord app, open the User Settings, go to the Voice & Video section, and set the output device from Default to the desired Bluetooth headset. Now you are set to use the Bluetooth headset with Discord.