How to Use Find and Replace in Google Docs

Google Docs has a bundle of built-in features to make life easier for publishers, authors, and writers. These features include highlighting text, indenting text, font size, etc. One is the “find and replace text” feature, which allows you to find or replace any text/character from the document. This feature saves a lot of time when finding a single word among thousands of words.

In this Google Docs guide, we will illustrate the possible methods for using the “find and replace text” feature. The guideline of this tutorial is here:

Let’s explore the first method:

Method 1: Using the Menu bar to Find and Replace in Google Docs

The “Menu bar” of Google Docs is supportive enough to use all its features. For the find and replace, click on the “Edit” tab, and a drop-down menu will appear which contains “Find and replace” as shown below:

After selecting the “Find and replace” option, a popup window is generated which contains two text boxes, i.e., “Find” and “Replace With”. The text/character to be searched for is written inside the “Find” and the text/character to be replaced with is written inside the “Replace With” option:

In the first text box, the text “Google” is to be found in the whole document. At the same time, the second box contains the text “Windows” for replacement of selected text. You can select the check box “Match case” to consider the letter case of the words as well. Lastly, click on the “Replace all” option to replace all the occurrences of “Google” with “Windows”:

It is observed that all the “Google” keyword in the whole document is replaced with “Windows”.

Method 2: Shortcut Key “CTRL+H” to Find and Replace in Google Docs

A method is adapted by employing the shortcut key “CTRL+H” to find and replace the text in Google Docs. Most professionals practice this method for replacement text in Google Docs. Wherever you press “CTRL+H” in the document, the find and replace feature pops up. A “Gif” is created in which the text “Docs” is searched and then replaced with the “Sheets” in Google Docs.

Good Luck! You have learned the use of finding and replacing text in Google Docs.


Google Docs provides a feature to find and replace text using the “Menu bar” and shortcut key “CTRL+H”. In the “Menu bar”, users choose the option “Find and replace” from the “Edit” tab. Moreover, an alternative method is also adapted for finding and replacing text via the shortcut key “CTRL+H”. This article demonstrates all possible methods to find and replace methods in Google Docs.