How to Use Microsoft Office (Alternatives) in Ubuntu Without Using Wine?

Microsoft Office is an essential tool for opening, editing, and creating documents such as word, PowerPoint, and excel. In Ubuntu, to use Microsoft Office, the user needs to install a wine package on the operating system. Most users are not able to install Microsoft Office due to its complex installation. But there are some alternative ways in which you don’t need to install the wine package and can get the same functionality as Microsoft Office.

This post will address various methods to get the same functionality as Microsoft Office on Ubuntu (without getting Wine): 

Method 1: Use Microsoft Office Online

Users can use the online version of Microsoft Office 365, its online version is free and accessible for every user. Just go to their official website, log in, or sign up to your Microsoft account, and you will see the interface along with the sidebar. 

From the sidebar, you can use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint:

Let’s create the word document file by clicking on the Microsoft Word option:

From the above interface, open the blank document of Microsoft word and do the necessary you want: 

Similarly, other Microsoft Office apps can be used. 

Method 2: Use Only Office 

The user can consider Only Office as a choice, it is an open-source tool that works just like MS Office. Moreover, features such as opening, creating, or editing any document, PDF files, or text, etc.

How to Install Only Office Docs on Ubuntu?

Follow the steps to install OnlyOffice on Ubuntu: 

Step 1: Download the “.ddeb” File 

Go to the official website and download the Debian file of the OnlyOffice or copy the link of the Debian file and download it through the wget command:

$ wget

Step 2: Install the “.deb” File

Once the download is completed, install the Debian file using the “sudo apt” command as given below:

$ sudo apt install ./onlyoffice-desktopeditors_amd64.deb

The only office will be installed in the system.

How to Use Only Office on Ubuntu?

Open the applications menu in Ubuntu and launch the OnlyOffice from the software:

Once the OnlyOffice is launched, the interface of Only office will be opened. The users have multiple options to explore while using OnlyOffice: 

  • Documents: It works just like the Microsoft Word application in MS Office. 
  • Spreadsheet: It provides the same features as MS Excel and works as an alternative.
  • Presentation: It gives all the features to engage with ppt files and work as an alternative.
  • Form Template: It also provides the feature to create the form template.

Method 3: LibreOffice 

LibreOffice is a fully-featured office suite very similar to MS Office. Libre offers all the basic applications that MS Office support. Let’s have look at the installation guide and usage of Libre on Ubuntu.

How to Install LibreOffice on Ubuntu?

Libre comes by default on Ubuntu. However, if the system does not have it, just follow the steps to install Libre on Ubuntu: 

Step 1: Update the Package List

Open the terminal and update the package list of the operations system:

$ sudo apt update

Step 2: Install Libre 

Get the updated version of Libre on Ubuntu via the command:

$ sudo apt install libreoffice

How to Use LibreOffice?

Press the super key (windows key) and launch LibreOffice from the given software:

  • Writer Document: It is the alternative to MS Word with the same functionalities.
  • Calc Spreadsheet: Works the same as MS Excel to engage with sheets.
  • Impress Presentation: Best replacement for MS PowerPoint.


To use Microsoft Office without wine on Ubuntu, the user can access the online version of Microsoft Office or use alternatives such as Onlyoffice and LibreOffice. To use the Microsoft Office online version, go to their official website and log in with your Microsoft account and use it online. However, the other alternatives, i.e., LibreOffice and Only Office can be installed on Ubuntu and used easily. 

This post has extensively covered the possible alternatives of Microsoft Office on Ubuntu.