How to Use Multiple Discord Accounts

Discord is a user-friendly online communication app that is most commonly used by gamers. It enables its users to share media, share live screens, and make voice and video calls. Many times Discord users choose to keep multiple accounts to separate business, family, and entertainment. Luckily, Discord has saved its users from the hassle of using different accounts by incorporating a switch account feature in it.

In this detailed guide, you will learn:

  1. How to Use/Run Multiple Accounts on Discord?
  2. How to Add Multiple Discord Accounts on Discord Desktop?
  3. How to Switch and Operate Multiple Discord Accounts?
  4. How to Switch Multiple Discord Accounts on Smartphones?

How to Use/Run Multiple Accounts on Discord?

Many Discord users choose to have more than one account to separate their business and family or friends’ lives or keep separate identities for different games. It can be a very tough task to switch between several accounts oftentimes. Luckily, the desktop app has a very handy solution for switching accounts. It is possible with only a few clicks. There is an option available to switch accounts inside the app. While on mobile phones, you have to log out first before logging into the other account. 

Read the guide below to familiarize yourself with an easy approach to launching this feature in the Discord app.

How to Add Multiple Discord Accounts on Discord Desktop?

Adding multiple accounts on Discord is an easy approach to switch between these accounts according to the need. Here is a step-by-step guide to adding multiple accounts on the Discord desktop app.

Step 1: Open Discord

Press Win+S from your keyboard to launch the start menu and type Discord. Click on Open to open the Discord app:

Step 2: View Your Profile

Right-click on your profile icon from the bottom left of the home screen of the Discord app:

Step 3: Manage Accounts

Click on the Switch Accounts, and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on Manage Accounts from this list:

Step 4: Add Account

Click on Add an account from the Manage Accounts window to add a new account to Discord:

Step 5: Add Login Credentials

Add login credentials for the account that you want to log in to, and hit Continue to successfully log in to the account:

Step 6: Account Added

Another account is logged in to your Discord app now. Go to the profile icon on the bottom left of the window to see the details of the account that is currently in use. Click on Switch Accounts to see the list of registered accounts which you can switch to. The account name, which has a tick mark with it, is the one that is currently in use:

How to Switch and Operate Multiple Discord Accounts?

You can switch/change the registered accounts with just a few clicks. Here is an easy guide to switch between multiple accounts to use on Discord:

Step 1: See Profile Details

Navigate to the bottom left of the screen and right-click on the profile icon. Choose Switch Accounts from the menu. The user ID with a tick adjacent to it is the one that is in use currently. Click on the username of your choice to switch to it:

Step 2: Verify Account Switching

Look at the bottom left of the screen and check the username and account to verify the switching of accounts. It is obvious from the image below that the account is switched:

How to Switch Multiple Discord Accounts on Smartphones?

Currently, Discord Mobile does not let users switch accounts within the app. Instead, it is mandatory to log out of the account first and then log into the other account. Here is a step-by-step easy guide on how to switch between multiple accounts on Discord Mobile:

Step 1: Launch Your Discord App

Navigate to the Discord app on your phone’s home screen and tap to open it:

Step 2: View the Account Profile

To see the account profile that is currently logged in, navigate to the bottom right of the home screen. Tap on the profile icon, for the complete view:

Step 3: Log Out

Scroll down the menu and click on Log Out to sign off from the currently logged-in account:

A new window appears to confirm the action, hit Log Out to confirm. This will sign off the account that was being used:

Step 4: Log In to Another Account 

The new window appears which asks the user to choose between login to an already created account or registering a new account, Hit Log In:

Enter the login credentials for your account and click on Log In. Discord may or may not ask to confirm your human identity before showing the home screen of the app. In case it does ask, fill in the captcha to confirm your identity as a human:

Now, your desired account is successfully logged in. Click on the “profile icon” located at the bottom left of the screen to see details:

Step 5: Verify Log In

You can opt to see the details of your account to verify the account switching:

This is how you can use multiple Discord accounts on a single device. 


Multiple Discord accounts can be used by switching the accounts within the Discord app on Desktops. To do this, go to your profile icon, hit Switch Accounts, and add the account by choosing from Manage Accounts, enter the appropriate login credentials of your other account to switch successfully. In case of an already added account, just hit on the name of the account you want to switch to, from switch accounts. On mobile phones, accounts can not be switched directly, rather you have to log out from the current account and log in to the other account.