How to Use QUERY Functions in Google Sheets

With the help of Google Sheets, you can quickly and easily organize and analyze data. The QUERY tool, which enables you to retrieve and filter data from a table depending on certain criteria, is one of Google Sheets’ most beneficial features. The QUERY function can help you save time and work more effectively if you’ve ever found it difficult to locate certain data in a sizable spreadsheet. 

The QUERY function in Google Sheets will be explained in this post, which will also enable you in understanding its usage.

Why do we use Google Sheets’ QUERY functions?

We extract and filter data from a table using Google Sheets’ QUERY functionalities in accordance with predetermined standards. By quickly sorting and organizing large amounts of data to discover the information we need, it enables us to operate more productively. Complex searches that are difficult or time-consuming to complete using other functions or manual methods can be carried out utilizing the QUERY function. 

For organizations, analysts, and researchers that frequently need to process enormous amounts of data, using QUERY functions can help us save time and effort while obtaining more accurate results.

What is the general syntax for using Google Sheets’ “QUERY” function?

The general syntax of using the QUERY function in Google Sheets:

=QUERY(Range, "SELECT  WHERE [Condition]")

The explanation of the above general syntax is:

  • Use the equal sign to initiate the formula in the cell
  • Type the QUERY to use the function with the parenthesis ()
  • Replace the “Range” with the actual range of cells that are to be filtered
  • Follow the SQL syntax 
  • Replace the “Condition” with the condition by which the data is to be filtered

How to Use the QUERY Function in Google Sheets?

To understand the usage of the QUERY function in Google Sheets, we will consider a Google Sheet of “Student Result” as an example. We will display the names of students whose marks are more than “33” using the QUERY formula:


The students having more than 33 marks are displayed using the QUERY formula. We can also apply the filter on “Result Status” to extract the names of passed students by using the QUERY Formula:

=QUERY(A2:E18, "SELECT B WHERE E = ‘Pass’”)

The students with the “Pass” status have been filtered using the “QUERY” Function.


To use the QUERY formula in Google Sheets, follow the general usage syntax “=QUERY(Range, “SELECT  WHERE [Condition]”)”. This blog explained the usage of the “QUERY Function” with the help of an example for better understanding.