How to Use Script Editor in Google Sheets

With the help of the Script Editor, a strong tool, one may add new scripts to Google Sheets that are written in the Google Apps Script scripting language, which is based on JavaScript. One may automate repetitive activities, develop custom functions, interface with external APIs, and do a lot more using the Script Editor.

We will walk you through every step of utilizing the Script Editor in Google Sheets in this post. 

What is the Script Editor in Google Sheets?

The Script Editor in Google Sheets is a powerful tool that enables users to enhance and customize their spreadsheets by creating original scripts using Google Apps Script, a JavaScript-based language.

How to Access the Script Editor in Google Sheets?

To access and launch the script editor in Google Sheets is very simple, first, open the Google Sheets:

Then click on “Extensions” and choose the “Apps script” from the drop-down menu:

A user-friendly interface of the “Apps Script” has been displayed:

What are the Basic Elements of Apps Script in Google Sheets?

When the basic interface of the “Apps Script” has been opened, it will contain different options. The basic features which a new user should know are explained below:

Script Editor Interface: Scripts can be written and edited in the Script Editor’s primary window. It enhances the script creation process by providing code editing tools like syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and line numbering.

File Navigation: Users can partition scripts into different files and directories using the file navigation window in the Script Editor’s left-hand corner. This makes it possible to have a structured codebase and makes it simple to access particular scripts.

Code Editor Toolbar: The toolbar, which is located above the code editor, has several choices for handling scripts. Users can access extra parameters to optimize the development environment, run scripts, debug scripts to find and fix problems and save their code.

Script Execution Options: Additionally, there are options for running scripts on the toolbar. Scripts can be manually executed using the play button, automatically run using triggers depending on occasions or time periods, tested, and debugged to guarantee smooth functioning.

What are the Basic Examples of the Usage of the “Script Editor” in Google Sheets?

To learn the usage of the “Apps Script” in Google Sheets, we will perform some basic examples. To calculate the square of any number, we will calculate the formula in the Apps script by opening it from the drop-down menu of the “Extensions”:

Then type the script mentioned below and then save the script by clicking on the “Save” icon:

function SQUARE (input) {return input * input;}

Click on “Run” to execute the script:

Go back to the Google Sheet, insert any number in cell A1 and in cell C1 use the formula:


Press the “ENTER” key and the square will be calculated:

In this way, different calculations can be shown using the “Apps script” in Google Sheets. 


To use the Script editor in Google Sheets, select the “Apps script” from the drop-down menu by clicking on “Extensions”. This blog has shown the usage of the app’s script with a simple example of the formula used to calculate the square of the number. Also, it explained the basics of the Apps Script after explaining the steps to access it.