How to View Comments in Google Docs?

Google Docs is quite a useful application that provides the feature to add comments to a document. In Google Docs, comments are used to change or highlight the content when multiple users work on the same document. Google Docs keeps the history of the comments i.,e who commented, who deleted the comment, who resolved it, etc. This Google Docs post demonstrates the method to view comments in Google Docs.

The content of the post is:

Let’s start this guide.

Method 1: View Comments From the Right Side of the Page

One method to view the comments is from the right side of the user’s document. When someone adds comments on the text or image, that content will be highlighted, and the comment will be available on the right pane of the window.

To get these comments, open the document, and the comments can be viewed as shown below:

These comments can be resolved by clicking on the “Resolved” option available in the comment box:

Users can also reply to the comments by clicking on the comment box:

In this method, only unattended comments are displayed. The old comments on the document cannot be obtained. Let’s jump into the second method to view comments.

Method 2: View All Comments From the “Comment History” option

The second method to view the comments is using the “Comment history” option available on the top right side. The deficiency of Method 1 is compensated in this method. Using the comment history option, all the old/current comments can be viewed. Let’s see how it works:

Open a document, and click on the “comment history” option as shown below: 

All comments will appear on the right side of the page, either resolved or newly added:

These comments can be filtered by clicking on the filtered option. Filter option is useful when comments are messed up, and users find any difficulty in searching the comments:

That is the second method to view comments in Google docs.

Alternative Method: Using the Shortcut Key to View Comments

Another method to view comments in Google Docs is using the shortcut key “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A”. By pressing the short key, the comments section will pop up at the right side of the document, as can be seen in the below “GIF”:

Bonus Tip: View Comments in the Google Docs Mobile App

Google Docs support for Mobile App is also available, and comments can be viewed on Mobile Application. Let’s discuss the method to view comments on Google Docs Mobile App.

Open the document and check for the highlighted text that is commented on:

Click on the highlighted text and press the “View comment” option:

Comment on the line will pop up as shown in the below image:

Comment history option is also available on the Mobile App to view all comments. Click on the comment history option from the top of the document:

All comments, either resolved or newly added, will be shown in the pop-up:

That’s it from this Google Guide.


In Google Docs, comments are viewed from the right side of the page or the “Comment history” option. The comments can also be viewed using the shortcut key “CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+A”. In this article, Google Docs web and mobile version methods are elaborated to view the comments in Google Docs.