How to View Pages Side by Side in Google Docs

In computing, multiple pages can be viewed simultaneously to analyze the content available on those windows. Google Docs does not support built-in functionalities to view pages side by side. But, it can be accomplished by the adjustment of the browser window. This Google Docs post will demonstrate the methods to view pages side by side in Google Docs. To achieve this, this article covers the following outline:

Let us start with the first method.

Method 1: Manually Resizing the Windows to View Pages Side by Side

The user can view pages side by side using multiple windows options available in the Operating System. Let’s see how it can be implemented on Google Docs.

Open the Google Docs document:

Open another page of the existing document on the new window:

Adjust both windows parallelly, keeping a suitable size (or as per the user’s requirement). After doing so, the user will be able to view the opened pages side by side:

At the same time, the user can also open more than two pages by following the same steps:

Method 2: Using “Window+Right Arrow” or “Windows Left Arrow” Shortcut Keys

Here is another way to describe the procedure for viewing pages side by side in Google Docs. To do so, the following shortcut keys will be used.

The functionality of both keys is the same. Pressing any shortcut key will allow you to set the current window to either the right side, the center, or the left side. While the secondary window will appear on the opposite side of the current window (if the current window is on the left side, then the secondary window will be placed on the right side and vice versa).

"Window + Right Arrow"


"Window + Left Arrow"

Let’s head over to the next method.

Bonus Tip: Using the “Pages per sheet” Option From Print Window

Google Docs provides a key feature, “Print”, to print the documents. Moreover, it is also beneficial to view pages side by side. By using the “Pages per sheet” option from the print window, the user can view all the pages side by side. However, the user can’t edit it. Let’s follow this procedure:

Open the Google Doc file and move to the “Print” icon in the toolbar:

A print window will open with many options. Click on “More settings” and select the “Pages per sheet” option from the dropdown:

Change the default value of “Pages per sheet” to “2“. The user can also set some other values. Now, users just read the content of both pages:

That’s all about this article.


In Google Docs, multiple pages can be viewed by adjusting the size of the window manually or by using the shortcut keys “CTRL+Arrow Keys”. This feature is not available as built-in support of Google Docs. This post has demonstrated the possible methods for viewing pages side by side in Google Docs.