How to Warn Someone on Discord

Discord is a communication platform that has every type of user from all over the world. Discord allows users to create different types of servers & communities and provide them with important administration rights. These administration rights are helpful in maintaining peace and restricting unfit actions or conversations respectively.

This article will explain how we can warn someone on Discord.

Why Warn Someone on Discord?

Warnings are issued if any user does not respect server/channel rules or promotes such information that is unrelated to the audience. There could be more reasons too that might make someone not a good fit for a virtual environment. In such cases, it is a good approach to warn someone directly or indirectly instead of eliminating them from the Discord server or channel.

How to Warn Someone on Discord Using a Bot?

To warn someone on Discord, we will follow the two approaches which are stated below:

  1. Warn Someone Using Discord Bots
  2. Warn Someone via Direct Message

Warn Someone Using Discord Bots

Some Discord bots have strong server management tools that allow us to perform different actions, such as ban, kick, and warn. Here, we will use the Jeanne Bot to warn a member of a Discord server. To add the Jeanne Bot to the Discord server, follow this dedicated guide.

After integrating the Discord Jeanne bot successfully, use the below syntax to issue a warning to a user.


/warn [name] [reason]

Let’s go through a practical example to understand the workings of the command in a better way.

Suppose we are going to warn the user “Saryia” within our server using the Jeanne bot. We will type “/warn” and hit enter; it will ask for a member’s name. Give a name and select the reason option shown right upward of the message box. Giving a reason is optional, however, this is a good practice to let the user know why the warning is issued.

After this, a warning in the server will be given to the specified member which can be seen by everyone.

Warn Someone on Discord via Direct Message

Another way to warn someone is by approaching the inbox of the user directly. Sending a message will notify the user about the warning and convey a clear message respectively. So, to send a warning through direct message, follow the given steps.

  • Observe the user’s behavior on the server and note down some key points
  • Next, Analyze the key points and determine a suitable warning
  • Now, select the user for sending the message
  • Follow up the message after an appropriate time span to check whether the user has read the warning or not

Discord Warning Template

While going through such things, keep the message simple, concise, and clear. Always use a consistent and professional tone as it is a great way to convey warnings to the user.

Dear [Member Name],

I'm the [Your Role] of the server [Server Name]. Our team has observed some of the below-listed violations/unsuitable behavior from your side:
[Describe point 1]
[Describe point 2]
[Describe point 3]

On the basis of these key points, we are issuing you a one-time warning.

If this happens again, unfortunately, we have to revoke your access as a member of this server. We are consistently striving to make our server a safe place for everyone.

Thank you!

Note: Double-tap to edit the warning template. This template can be modified according to the server category type or environment.

Bots List Which Can be Used to Warn Someone on Discord

For large community management, there are a variety of bots available for Discord that provide essential server moderation tools. Some of the bots that include the warning feature/commands are mentioned below:

  • Dyno Bot
  • The Friendly Shadow Bot
  • Keen Bot
  • A Guy Bot

We have presented all possible ways to send a warning to a Discord user.


To warn someone on Discord, utilize the “Jeanne bot” or “manually send message” to the target member. For Jeanne bot, all we have to do is write “/warn”, member name, and reason to issue the warning. In case of sending the warning to the user through DM, the above-given template can be followed. We have descriptively demonstrated how a warning can be sent to Discord users.