What is Discord Tag and How Does it Work?

Discord is a well-known communication platform that offers a wide range of features for users to connect with friends and communities online. One of the exclusive features of Discord is the use of tags, which serve as an identifier for every user on the platform. 

In this article, the importance of Discord tags will be discussed in more detail using the below outline.

  • How Does a Discord Tag Work?
  • Why is a Discord Tag Important?
  • Find Your Discord Tag on Desktop Version
  • Find Your Discord Tag on Mobile Version
  • Change Your Discord Tag Number?

How Does a Discord Tag Work?

When a user sends a friend request or mentions someone in a message, they can use their Discord tag to ensure that the message is delivered to the correct person. A Discord tag comprises two parts: the “username” and the “tag number”. The username is the name that a user chooses for themselves on Discord, while the tag number is a randomly generated “four-digit” number assigned by Discord, and together, they form a unique Discord tag. The tag number begins with “#” and ends at any number such as “#9999”. This means, if multiple users have the same username, they will have different tag numbers that make the unique Discord tag for the user.

Why is a Discord Tag Important?

Discord tags have the ability to offer seamless communication between users on the platform. By using tags, users can mention others in conversations, send direct messages, and join servers which makes it easier for other users to find and connect with each other. In short, Discord tags are a vital part of the platform’s functionality that is used to uniquely identify each user on the Discord platform.

Find Your Discord Tag on Desktop Version

You can find your Discord tag on the desktop version by looking at the bottom left where you can also see your profile picture as highlighted below:

If you want to see your Discord tag more clearly than just click on your profile picture at the bottom:

You can easily find your Discord tag for the desktop version by following the above-mentioned procedure.

Find Your Discord Tag on Mobile Version

Finding your Discord tag on mobile is also very straightforward as all you need to do is click on your profile picture at the bottom right corner:

This will show you the Discord app settings where you should be able to see your Discord tag at the top:

How to Change Your Discord Tag Number?

When you sign up for Discord, you need to set your username which can be changed any time, but the tag number cannot. But if you still want to change your Discord tag number then you must buy Discord Nitro and with that, you can change your Discord tag up to four times per year. 

To change your Discord tag, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to User Settings 

First, launch the Discord User settings by clicking on the “Gear” icon:

Step 2: Select “Edit” Username

Go to the “My Account” tab available on the left side and click on it. After that, you should be able to see the option to edit your “Username”:

Step 3: Change Your Username or Tag Number

You can change your username easily by replacing the current username with the new name and providing your password. If you are using the nitro mode, then you should be able to change your tag number as well, else you need to buy the nitro subscription:

That’s all about Discord tags.


A Discord tag is a unique identifier that is assigned to every user on the platform. This tag consists of a user name and user tag whereas user tag can be changed at any time if you want to do so. Whereas user tag can only be changed using the nitro option. You can find your user tag by clicking on your profile picture and changing it as well by going into “My Account” which is available under the “USER SETTINGS”. A detailed explanation of the Discord tag has been mentioned in this article.