What is Zalgo in Discord?

Discord is a chatting app to interact with people in a single place known as a server. As a Discord user, have you ever noticed the funky text that contains weird-looking text and shapes on the server? If yes, this is the Zalgo text you are looking at.

In this post, we will answer the query “What is Zalgo in Discord?” through the following outlines:

  1. What is Zalgo in Discord?
  2. How to Generate and Use Zalgo Text in Discord?
  3. Is Zalgo Safe to Use?

What is Zalgo in Discord?

Zalgo is a special type of font consisting of Unicode characters, symbols, and other elements that give the text a creepy look. It comes in handy for creating horror memes. Whereas, the text looks attractive but it is often difficult to understand by the users. The user who uses the Zalgo text may face the crashing issue because this type of font is not supported by the servers. 

How to Generate and Use Zalgo Text in Discord?

For generating the Zalgo text, utilize any of the third-party tools easily accessible on the internet. See the below demonstration to generate and use the Zalgo text.

Step 1: Access Zalgo Text Generator

Open your browser and navigate to the Zalgo text generator site as shown:

Zalgo in Discord

Step 2: Enter Text

Enter your desired text on the left side and it will automatically create the Zalgo text, use the scroll bar to adjust the craziness level size. Let’s say we want to convert the “Henry Here From its Linux FOSS” text:

Zalgo in Discord1

Step 3: Copy Zalgo Text

Afterward, select the Zalgo text and right-click on it. From the appeared context menu, use the “Copy” option to copy the text:

Zalgo in Discord2

Step 4: Use Zalgo

Now, use the copied Zalgo text and paste it anywhere on Discord:

Zalgo in Discord4

Is Zalgo Safe to Use?

Now, you will definitely have a question: is it safe to use? Yes! It is safe to use as there is no such rule in Discord that bans it. However, it is quite difficult to read and can also lead to bugs/crashes mentioned in the above guide.

That’s all for Zalgo in Discord.


Zalgo is a special type of font with a combination of Unicode characters and other symbols that gives text a creepy look. To generate and use it in Discord, navigate to the Zalgo text generator, and type the text to change it in Zalgo format. After that, copy the created Zalgo text and use it anywhere in Discord. This post has elaborated on what is Zalgo in Discord.